March 4th, 2007


Kids say the darnedest things...

When my daughter was about 5 years old and upon viewing a picture of a thalidomide child, she asked me what was wrong with him and I explained. I thought that she had forgotten all about it until a couple of days later when I was picking her up at the sitter’s after work. There were visiting strangers already seated in the living room and my daughter had her coat partially on with the sleeves bunched up and just her hands sticking out. She flapped her hands about and proudly announced in a loud voice ‘Look it, mommy! I’m a thalidomide baby!’ The room became suddenly quiet as I smiled and herded her out the door.

morty_baby, in comments to this post.

Words of Wisdom

The Good Old Days & A Reason to Hate Capitalism by lostsonofodin

Remember back in the good old days when children were supposed to be seen not heard? I miss those days, just like I miss the days when artists were owned by aristocrats and paid to make real art, not just throw shit on a canvas. Man what happened to those days? I'll tell you what happened...a fool and his money are soon parted and marketing people realized that there's no one more foolish than the youth. So now all this programming and marketing is geared toward them and all of the sudden there are shows on television asking them what they think. Who gives a fuck what they think? Let me tell you something, the only thing dumber than a brain damaged linebacker is a child. Kids do say the darndest things, too bad they don't say the smartest things. Chances are, if you're under 30 then your opinion is ill-advised at best and complete horseshit in general.

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hobbitblue answers an eternal question

Still happily reading the bible in French each night. Last night we had the feeding of the five thousand, and then Jesus walked on the water. Clearly someone had told him it was a bad idea to swim on a full stomach....

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I went to Canberra, but it was closed

pixsky learns the ropes of living and studying in Canberra, Australia.

[Krispy Kreame] work out where the bogans live, and try to tempt them with their sugarry coronary failure desserts. They know the yuppies aren't going to eat boxes of the things as anything more than a novelty. The money's in the fat people who think the Baby Bonus is a great way to make some cash. As someone who doesn't know the suburbs up here like I did back in Victoria, the location of the Krispy is a big bogan litmus test. Try not to buy a house within 3 blocks if you don't want to listen to people with long whiney vowels in their their names(Shazzzzaaaaaa) bickering about The Biggest Loser.


Queuing for books in the Co-op, I heard some people (please God, let them be first years) talking about how much they loved Froood, the Austrian psychiatrist, with all those whacky theories about the penis. It was painful how much I wanted to smack them with a clue bat, and yet didn't. There's something a little bit toooo pompous about saying 'Excuse me? Loud girl? It's Freud. Froid. fɹɔɪd, if you want to be a pedant. Not Froood, which sounds like a meal replacement made entirely from corn syrup.