March 3rd, 2007

Coyote 2
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This is the entirety of elvie's post to be found here: It's a public entry, but QWP

So after a long struggle, they seem to be finding a way to lay Anna Nicole's body to rest... and in the same week, petrol pumps in the south of England start mysteriously polluting everyone's cars with silicone. Coincidence....?
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ever after: danielle

Canada: will wonders never cease?

loquaciousquark has made a disturbing discovery:

How life should be:

Harry: Hey, Sally, meeting me for lunch today?
Sally: Sure, sounds good! I'll meet you in the food court in half an hour.
Harry: See you there! Did you know that Canada is a constitutional monarchy with Elizabeth II, Queen of Canada as head of state and a parliamentary democracy with a federal system of parliamentary government and strong democratic traditions?
Sally: I sure did, Harry! Also, their constitution includes the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, which guarantees basic rights and freedoms for Canadians that, generally, cannot be overridden by legislation of any level of government in Canada!
Harry: Gee, that sure is swell!

Context includes lumberjacks and Elizabeth II in a pope hat
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heykidzcomix  livebloggs the Iron Man movie on Cartoon Network (the whole thing is great, but these lines stand out for me):

8:06: Tony's underwater suit breaks down if it is fully submerged in water? Tony sucks.

8:18: Strawberry Shortcake's back? Wow. I wonder if she smells the same. We used to huff her hair like little-girl whippets.

8:40: Why yes, Magical Asian Kill Chick, I AM ready to rock! Thank you for indicating that it is now time to do so.

8:54: Like Jesus, she died for Tony's sins while wearing a mud bikini. Unlike Jesus, she made out with Tony before she died. Advantage: Jesus.