March 2nd, 2007


Chivalry isn't dead. But, it's certainly in pain.

happydog remembers the good old days:

"Perhaps it is my generation or my cultural background or whatever, but back in my day when we ate cold potatoes in the dark and liked it, people had to learn how to change a tire. It was considered a fact of life that one would have to change a tire, just like the pterodactyl attacks or the sacrifices of chickens to Anglobalobalus or the infrequent raids from the smelly wandering barbarian tribes with their pointy sticks and bad attitudes."

Context is asking for some pain relievers.

Oh dear

mattmatt and his coping skills at work:

Sometimes it is really hot at work and I can't concentrate properly because we have no air conditioning and my brain copes by hanging out the window with its tongue out, which is embarrassing if we have visitors.

QWP from f-locked entry here.
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When Are We Going to GET SOMEWHERE?

la_signora is doing 'Noises Off'...

As the couch was moved upstage to make room for the second period class, a lone sardine was revealed, blinking placidly up at me.

"Oh. A sardine," I heard myself announce with little enthusiasm, and bent to retrieve the solitary runaway. Into my pocket it went, where it was forgotten in the hour that followed.

It was only later, reaching for my house keys, or some change, that my hand encountered something unexpectedly rubbery, and I remembered.

They're everywhere: onstage, in the dressing rooms, under the stairs, in the house, in our very pockets.

It's getting farcical.

QWP. Context doesn't want fish for supper.
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psychater talks about possibilities

My mum just told me that if I have a boyfriend, I have to tell her. Have to. I swear I love the woman but sometimes I don't get her. She'd probably tell my dad who would grab the guy by the ankles and hang him upside down on the ceiling fan and turn on said fan while the only thing I can do is watch.

I'm not kidding. That's what my father said if he found out I had a boyfriend. Hunh. Am I suppose to be scared?

Context talks about career.
Locked post. QWP.