March 1st, 2007

I am special

Re: an article on the "everyone's special, can't hurt the kids' feelings by marking in red pen" crap in schools

'As an example, Twenge cited a song commonly sung to the tune of "Frere Jacques" in preschool: "I am special, I am special. Look at me."'

AUGH. This explains MySpace.

Context is full of people agreeing that every child is not, in fact, a precious snowflake.

Cats - a man's best and worst friend all at once.

diamondnails has been having problems with their cat.

Now that I know what it is, I know who done it. That damn cat is sitting on the table, with his best innocent face on. "How did my hat get on your turd, Gatsby?" I ask him. He looks up at me, making his best puppy dog eyes. "Did you try to hide your evil turd under my favorite hat so I wouldn't get mad?" He gives me a look that says "No, just trying to be hygenic. Poop should be covered up."

Context may turn your stomach.
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misplaced funk

"Lost," on the other hand ...

...may well have leaped the great white. This season started super-strong, with some hellacious tension-filled episodes, but ever since they came back from hiatus, they've been sucking wind. Every episode has been a let-down, and following up "Jack takes a sex tour of Southeast Asia and gets a tattoo that says he's Jesus" with "Hurley remembers that his dad is Cheech Marin so he decides to do donuts in a magic VW" is really not the way to ratchet up the tension on a show like this.

I've a good mind to start a petition, fram damn it...

LucidKid, on the suckitude that is this season's LOST episodes.

But, everything he flushes turns to gold...

moonchylde explains her position re: Al Gore (edit:oops) in a recent debate at conservatism:

My point that you cannot judge a state official lifestyle by the standards of a college student lifestyle may have penetrated. Different jobs have different requirements, and a state official/former VP is going to have very little privacy even in his own home. I'll not begrudge him the room to do his job, if he won't waste money on things like gold-plated toilets.

Context has the Midas Flush, and is QWP...
Sarek of Vulcan

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crowleycrow (author of Little, Big) blames his grammar fetish on the Legion of Decency.

AN oddity of the listing was that the article was always put last: Flesh and the Devil, the. Devil is a Woman, the. And so on. Older psychoanalysis supposed that a young forming person's sexuality could become cathected and stuck on something associated, by a chance conjunction, with something sexual. If so my early sexuality was cathected on last-positioned articles. They still give me a little thrill.
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Veni, vidi, vino

billytaylor said:

"The way to describe it is like emasculated shiraz...I want to feel red wine coat the inside of me like a demon lover. Not scream and flail about like some godawful bitter stain on my tongue. I want to have it sit inside me. Wine must taste like something you want to lick off a British actor's chest."

Context is making me wish I had Ioan Gruffudd, Paul McGann and a large bottle of port...

a panda: hey it's a panda.

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autoscopy said this!:

"6. My favourite thing about public transport is the oppurtunities for eveasedropping. My iPod froze today during first period so I just listened to my fellow passengers and read my physics handouts. The best thing I overheard today:

"Haiti is very hot yes?"
"This is funny! Because Estonia is very cold so I am very enjoying Canada! Also, you are wearing many many shirts and I am laughing this because!"

It gave me EiI flashbacks."

context is f-locked, qwp and looking for jonfen safran foer!
PR || Cosmos

kittykatya remembers the little people.

I’ve also decided if I ever win an Oscar for anything, I’m going to include Jack Nicholson in my thank-you speech. No real reason – he’s just there all the time and I feel he should be acknowledged. :D "Wow – this is such an honor. I’d like to thank the academy, my partner, my cast and crew – you guys rock, my family… oh, and Jack Nicholson. Yeah, I know you weren’t involved with the project in any way – you just rock: this one’s for you, Jack! Thank you all so much!"

Open post, permission received on AIM, context looks kinda like Marlon Brando this year.
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