February 28th, 2007

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the sham of adulthood:

"Jack and coke gets my vote for the official drink of Ecstasia. It's dark and pretty like a jewel, and then syrupy sweet and twinkly when you drink it. It's nice, but it confirms something about adults : we are very involved in a very serious game of dress up and make-believe, and can be distracted from it only by sugary candy." -- verviana, from here.
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Posted by crypticgirl, used with permission:

From a conversation over dinner Monday night:

SWEDE: In Sweden, we say skal as a toast to good health and good friends when we drink. It comes from the time when our warriors would drink from the skulls of their enemies at a victory. But there was a problem, because drinking from the skull became the time when you were likely to be stabbed in the back and killed. So they made the tradition that everyone had to drink from the skulls at the same time so their hands would all be occupied and nobody would die.

ENGLISHMAN: We say bottoms up. I'm not sure I want to think about that one too closely.
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matociquala v. her cat, 15 rounds, no falls

Round 4: 10:00 PM

Cat: Monkey, what are you DOING?
Monkey: *pushes cat off TV remote*
Cat: Monkey, I'm BORED.
Monkey: *Tosses glitterball at the rump of cat who is blocking television*
Cat: biPED! EEE!
Monkey: WIKTORY!
Cat: I'll get you, my pretty.


Round 6: 12:00 AM

Cat: Monkey, it's BEDTIME.
Monkey: *typetypetype*
Monkey: Not right now. I'm writing fanfic.
Cat: *forlorn beeping*
Monkey: Whatever.

They fight in public; context has a ringside seat.
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shariidahypaa wouldn't make it as a Black Panther member:
W. T. F. PEOPLE??? JUST BECAUSE WE'RE OF THE SAME RACE DOESN'T MEAN I KNOW YOU, WANT TO KNOW YOU, CARE TO KNOW YOU, WANT YOU SITTING NEXT TO ME!!! It looks retardedly BAD when the only black people in the class just HAPPEN to sit in the same spot less than a 3 chair radius away from each other. I dunno about them, but I HAVE friends outside my little bubble, kthx. I don't want people to look at me and go "whoa wtf those black people sure like to sit in groups!" because I am NOT. ETHNOCENTRIC.
Context is comparing Harry Potter and the Bible, among other fabulous things.
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