February 27th, 2007


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sabotabby, one-upping a libertarian's boostrap story, here:

"I can totally beat that dude's story. I grew up in rural Northern Ontario and I used to have to walk 100 km in the snow to get to my underfunded school, uphill both ways. I was so smart that I ended up teaching classes when I was 10. I made a computer out of two tin cans and a piece of string, and thus made my impoverished town wealthy beyond belief through selling Ayn Rand novels on eBay. Also I used to be black but the invisible hand of the free market turned me into a white person.

So don't talk to me about poverty, you lazy socialist bums! I pulled myself up by my bootstraps and so can you."
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god, deities, dinosaurs

mapquest done LIED to you

nekidwhiteboy talks to the planets...

Dear Mercury:

Please, do us all a fucking favor, okay, and GET OUT OF RETROGRADE ALREADY. No, seriously.

Everybody's travel plans be all derailed behind your skinny little confused ass not knowing where to go in ORBIT, for christ's sake, which is usually NOT ALL THAT COMPLICATED, HELLO. Electronics everywhere be just actin all tore up and through with it (...TIY? TIYTIYTI!) like I think my laptop was tryin to matter-compile both a foot and a mouth in which to insert said foot when it decided to just give up that madness and vagigurgitate (since that's easier and just as effective at keeping me from lookin at the pr0n I was no doubt torrenting), people act even more ignunt than normal when they drive they car because they ass is confused now too, planes be just fallin right out the sky, every Gemini in the world has done forgot yet again that the Fifth Step of Narcotics Anonymous is to make amends, not to make a mess of the Mens, and it's nary a Virgo in the world who can find her purse, her car keys or her nerve pills and to add insult to injury she is already late for her daily 5:30am OCD therapy and secret binge-drinking appointment and somebody has got to scrub out that bathtub before she can even attend to the rest...and you know all a Virgo needs is just one good little push in the direction of Lady Macbeth, and then it's just all gonna end in tears and ajax.

See how hard you done made it for everybody? Please FIND YOUR ASS, Mercury, and do what any bitch with sense will do when she realizes she been goin the wrong way down a certain street for over a month: MAKE A GODDAMN U-TURN.

Yours in astrological derailment and ignunce,


Context is quoted with Pluto permission
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Nerd Alice

oberongeiger's nephew makes a disturbing connection ...

"The other night, my nephew Cameron was having a grand old time singing the ABC song roughly 6 times in a row, because little kids love repeating things endlessly until they melt your brain more than they love food or toys or continuing to breathe. Partway into his latest rendition, however, he paused the song and then began to sing "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star"... and then he stopped again. You could see the look of revelation strike his face — the wide-eyed expression of a 2-year-old who's just discovered that his comprehensive musical knowledge is nothing but a sham."

That's the complete post, but context is here.
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futuresoon has been watching Heroes...

"I'm probably allowed to be vaguely ashamed of the thoughts I have concerning the Petrelli brothers, though. Is it so wrong to notice how strongly they give off a "cousins. Totally cousins" vibe? I am a lady of few compunctions. Really, I shouldn't be surprised how fast it took me to come to this particular Dark Side. Whatever, it's pretty here."

-- futuresoon, here
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