February 26th, 2007

allnightstand is at a crossroads

I'm seriously considering turning in Stanley/Livingston pr0n for my paper. I have so much more muse for that than Stanley's 'hats' in Through the Dark Continent. Besides the line "Dr. Livingstone, I presume?" is just littered with pr0ny feelings. And their personalities are so vastly different. It'd be all Livingstone: Stanley was an annoying, prissy fuckwit, but he gave a good blow job for a white guy.

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beardedtroll knows how to get online when the power's out

Oh, I fully agree with them. If yOu really wanted to you could have used your refrigerator for parts to convert your bathtub into a steam-boiler. Then you could hav. stolen the dynamoes and batteries from half a dozen cars and rigged them up as a current buffer between your computer and steam-generator. Next, you'd just have to chop up some furniture and maybe a door or two for fuel, then you can set any younger siblings to stoke the boiler (if you don't have any younger siblings nearby, just steal a small kid or two from your neighbours. They'll do almost as well once you've put the fear of you into them.) Then it's just a simple matter of selling your soul (and that of any firstborn child, partner in marriage or parental units) to Dread Lord Ampere, archdemon of electricity, and try to explain to your insurance company why your house caught fire from a jury-rigged steam engine in your bathroom.

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Two quotes!

First, from maggievent:

Dear Religious Lady,

I appreciate your comment that it is not our gas, it is not your gas, but that it is, in fact, God's gas, however you are missing a small point of fact. The pipelines to get the gas to you, the technicians to ensure that the pipelines are secure and the meter which measures your gas all belong to us. Therefore, you do indeed have to pay your gas bill.

If you would like to have the gas magically transported directly to your appliances without the use of a middleman, I respectfully suggest that you take it up with God.



And then the reply from aronstale:

God's gas is what heats my apartment? You mean..My apartment is heated by a giant religious Fart? Nice.

Both are from here.
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pee-nis envy?

marys_second muses on his wife's new pregnancy:

Stephanie is all proud of herself because she peed on a stick and made two lines.

Woman, please. I peed on the lawn and wrote my name.

Her test proves she's pregnant which only matters to a relatively small subset of the nation. My test proves it's not Spring yet which matters to a much, much larger population.

She's all smug. Me? I'm playing it humble but I know I won. What did she make? An eleven? I wrote in cursive, damnit!

My pee skills are clearly greater.

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