February 23rd, 2007

Dick in a box!
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chalain wakes up to a sudden realization:

She gets out of bed and stretches, perfect curves sliding under silky lingerie and momentarily making me forget about breakfast, meatloaf, and whoever it was I was married to before last night. She seems to know this, and smiles at me again, but apparently she's serious about making breakfast. She turns and strides confidently from the room. As she does, I see for the first time the large Microsoft logo splayed across her back. My stomach lurches as I suddenly remember everything.

Windows Vista. I bought a new computer yesterday... and it came with Windows Vista.

Context needs your permission to continue.
Movies {The Princess Bride}

lost_in_my_room hates loft ladder designers. A lot.

Carlye sleeps in a loft bed at school. the ladder to the loft was designed by a former student of the Art Institute who apparently hated ladders, art students and lofts. If you are an art student who has to climb a ladder to sleep in a loft, shit howdy does this person hate you. it is so poorly designed and implemented that no one is able to climb up or down from this ladder without bruising your shin and/or worrying that you will fall and break something.

I was climbing out of the loft last weekend and i shouted, "I hate whoever designed this ladder! I hope their entire family is sodomized by bears! seriously, i hope a whole group of bears, a whole... what is a group of bears called... a Fuck! I hope an entire Fuck of bears sodomizes this guys family. like he has to watch as this Fuck of bears takes turns violating his children!"

The context in this public entry is actually about his fiance... believe it or not.