February 22nd, 2007


minikitkatgirl is paranoid about ice cream.

I know it's supposed to mean No Sugar Added, but I keep seeing "NSA" and thinking that you guys had some sort of National Security Agency-flavored ice cream. Which, I don't even want to *think* about what that would taste like (probably a combination of Mint Chocolate Chip-in-your-head and Rocky Road-to-Justice).

Context likes evil alternate-universe Ben & Jerry's.
Gay for a Girl?

Look, ma, it's not the 50s anymore!

scrollgirl shares a random pet peeve:

I hate hate HATE the term "co-eds" when referring to female university (college) students. It's not a term used up here in Canada (afaik) but it's used all the damn time in American books and TV shows and fanfic.

Grrr. We've moved beyond distinguishing these gosh darn modern
female students from the male ones, haven't we? Students are students. Undergrads are undergrads. I'd like to think co-education has been around long enough that we can stop pointing out, "Oh hey, look! Women on campus!" It's condescending.

Context is one o' them smarty-pants womans

Apparently, it *has* all been said

Britney's back in rehab, and the_satyr_icon says it all:

~*The Now Obligatory "That Britney is SUCH a mess, what about the kids, who woulda thunk KFED would get the kids, I miss her big pregnant boobs, I miss her in Catholic school-girl clothes, her bald head and snatch now match, its her fault, its the paps' fault, its her paps smear's fault, is her sis going to shave her head too, I blame JT, I blame Isaac, I blame her, and she's going to be in rehab for just so many seconds, minutes, or hours" Comment*~ ~

Context is bald and methed-up over at ohnotheydidnt. QWP
Futurama Holophoner

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etcet sums up Christianity:

Christianity is very simple.

- You have your basic fanservice, of the god boinking the babe and knocking her up.
- You have your hippie.
- You have your zombie, rising from the dead (bonus points for it being a zombie hippie).
- You have your vampire zombies, drinking the blood and eating the flesh of the original zombie hippie.

Context is off eating Jesus' flesh. (QWP)

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mouthfulofrain: Hahah, I swear I gave Lance the gay when I touched him that one time in Hershey Park.

deltashade: I'd be more willing to wager that JC gave him the gay when he touched him that one time in his Hershey Park, if you know what I mean.

And if you do know what I mean, please tell me.

Context is fangirling over *NSync, or however they spell it.

ETA: uncut_diamond on my cooking skillz:

You said:

I am trying to decide if I should make the chile-flavoured mashed potatoes for dinner tomorrow night; my roommate is due home at 11 and wanted to try them, and I don't get home til about 1015.

I read:

Fire Fire Fire Fire Doom Fire Fire Fire Fire Doom Fire Fire Fire Fire Doom Fire Fire Fire Fire Doom Fire Fire Fire Fire Doom Fire Fire Fire Fire Doom.

Context sets off the fire alarm a lot
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