February 21st, 2007

Supernatural - Sam

A double-double and two CW actors, to go.

Jared Padalecki cancels his appearance at Fangoria, but senor_coconut_1 has a backup plan for Andie (anteka).


Here's what I am going to do--YOU HEAR ME ERIC KRIPKE, YOU BUZZKILLING BUZZKILL THAT KILLS BUZZES?!!! I am going to drive my ass--no FLY!!!--FLY my ass to The Hellmouth WISCONSIN and then I am going to KIDNAP ANDIE in a stolen Impala (IF IT HAS TO BE A 2007 IMPALA, then that's fine--as long as it is an IMPALA)--stolen by Andie because I live too close to Miami and they would suspect me. No one suspects those innocent midwesterners!!! And then we are ROADTRIPPING to VANCOUVER (STOPPING AT TIM HORTONS BECAUSE TIMBITS AND A DOUBLE DOUBLE WILL LAST ME THE WHOLE TRIP--but no more stops...ADULT DIAPERS LIKE THAT ASTRONAUT FTW!!!) and we are invading the set. AND WE ARE TAKING JARED. We are taking him to FANGORIA. We are throwing him in the backseat of the stolen Impala (ONCE AGAIN, he probably would be more comfy in a newer model Impala) and we are...NO SCRATCH THAT. We are taking JARED AND JENSEN to Fangoria. Or Andie's living room. And we are hosting a con. Or a makeout party. MAKE OUT PARTY. No, Scratch that, too. WE ARE TAKING JARED AND JENSEN AND we are swinging by where ever JDM is filming right now (if it's in Cal., then we get IN-N-OUT BURGERS) and we GET HIM, TOO. And THEN we have the makeout party. Or Con, whatever.


Context knows how to plan a road-trip. (QWP.)
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On internets rice and meme thievery:

rintheamazing: Tired and hungry, but the hungry won, so I'm posting this meme while I cook some rice. Stolen from sugarcane_moon.

sugarcane_moon: Hey. I want that rice back, you know.

rintheamazing: the rice is mine, all mine!

sugarcane_moon: Just you wait. Your rice comeuppance is coming. ...Uppance.

rintheamazing: Before I kill you eat all your rice, Mr. Bond, there's something I think I should tell you...

sugarcane_moon: You'll never get away with it, 'Rinfinger! Never!

rintheamazing: Of course I will! Now just step into the Chamber of Easily Avoided Overcomplicated Death, and this will all be over in a matter of minutes hours.

Context involves two fandoms and a music meme.
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by_steph on driving in Texan traffic.

It will straddle your lane and the next lane. It will also flash its headlights at you. What it will not do is use its brakes. At first you might think that the driver is reluctant to use their precious reserve of cankle energy, but no. You must realize that buttholes do not have ankles, nor calves. They are in fact nothing but a tiny sphincter with the keys to a large vehicle.

QWP. Context is driven by road rage.

On the misspelled, C-grade, rereleased movie "The Centurian":

I didn't really focus my eyes while I was reading the synopsis, so maybe it's about a guy in like 300 BC who comes from a century in the future! So everyone's all "whoa, we don't have sandals like that guy's sandals here in 300 BC" and he's like "300 BC? I'm from 200 BC! And now I'm my own grampa!"

Or... something.

Context thinks sarcasma should write movies for Roger Corman. And contains a link where you can get "duck and cover" school movies for a ten-spot, FYI.
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grayout knows how to get his kicks:

Emo kids would totally not survive in a fantasy world, are you kidding me? They'd be all LOOK I CUT MYSELF and someone would be all *POTION* no more tears! and they'd be like, well shit. D:

I'd so go around doing that just to piss them off.

shaky shaky

The more you know!

I ask vormav in my LJ in a meme:

Is Canada really full of maple syrup?

Canada is indeed not really full of maple syrup! You see, Canada has a total area of 3,854,085 square miles (9,984,670 km²). 8.92% of that is water, and a great deal of it is very far north.

Maple Syrup is derived from Maple Sap, and when heated is reduced to 20-40% of its original water content. To fill Canada with maple syrup, I will consider "full" to be 1 meter deep. That would be 9984.67 cubic kilometers of maple syrup, or 33000 cubic kilometers of maple sap to generate that much syrup. As such that is 3.3 × 10^16 liters of sap.

If an average maple tree generates 3 liters of sap each day, it would take 30136986301369 maple trees 1 year to generate enough sap to "fill Canada with maple syrup".

Thus I believe it is not.

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and we're not even touching on the whole "dating Jessica Simpson" thing

dontpraythatway writes:

but john mayer? i hate him. i really do. first, we had "your body is a wonderland," which i prefer to call "your body is an amusement park." particularly because canada has a very large amusement park, called... wonderland. oh yeah. that song is annoying and stupid and kind of insulting. there are much better ways to express one's awe and desire over a woman's body than to wax poetic, using a phrase that describes amusement parks and snow-covered fields.

Context is just not impressed
black and puple

The answer to saving your soul, may be as close as your soles

 brings a new dimension to the study of religion.

Finding the right religion is like finding the right pair of shoes. No single shoe can fit everyone. There are larger shoes, smaller shoes, men's shoes, women's shoes, boots, sneakers, high-heels, sandles, fancy shoelaces, a variety of socks to fill them, they'll smell different with different feet... and even still, not everyone is walking the same way to the same place at the same time.

Context tries to smooth the religous debate waters.

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Matters relating to oddities found in one girl's "dating rules contract"

starjuniper: What I found interesting was the area where she expects to share sex but not personal space. How does that work?

palmer_kun: Simple. You fuck at your place, not hers :) That way, she's not sharing her space

starjuniper: And apparently not her, since having sex usually means allowing someone in your personal space in some form or another.

palmer_kun: I'm also amused that Sex is a Must Share for fuckbuddies, but Movies and Email are only Maybes.

starjuniper: Well, you know, a big email in her inbox could be construed as encroaching on personal space...

Context is even scarier
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brave new world

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hoovertraumatic, on brothers and builders:

(She says what she says about builders, by the way, since my mum is having her bathroom re-done, meaning my house is currently full to the brim of ignorant, sweary men in need of decent belts. And no, I don't mean scene kids.)


I was thinking that Jason would have been over during the day in one of those visits he pays us -- you know, those out-of-the-blue, "hey mum, hey Cal, just picking up some of my stuff, and by the way, can I borrow £40?" visits that can take place at any time from 3pm (when mum's at work and I'm at school) to half past 4 in the morning (and love him though I do, who wants to see their brother then?)

There's a strange man in context's kitchen. (QWP.)
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