February 18th, 2007

Worst Rescue Ever
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victory_raven and battery-powered dogs

We were looking at dog macros, and Helen was telling us about a friend's dog that once ate the remote for the TV. All of it, aside from the little buttons on the ends of the batteries. Ate the rest of the batteries, and the rest of the remote. Everyone thought she was going to die, and she did - ten years later. My response? 'Ahh, long-life batteries!'

QWP from here: http://victory-raven.livejournal.com/240032.html
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magic wand

Salt Is The Best

Over at _skyhighsues, acc_prez reveals a long held wish...

She’s an “Earth Witch”. What that means is that she can, and I quote again, “create and manipulate the natural elements of the Earth”. Okay, see, first of all, whenever I read sentences of this make, I always take “elements” as being, y’know, elements in the Periodic Table.

For once, I’d like to read a fic where someone has control over potassium iodide.

Context is sporking sues!
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from here:

We got a computer so my wife could play with me, fine.

I drop the leveling grind for my 62 warrior so I can level her to play in Outland, fine.

I help her get her gnome warrior from 55-60 within two-and-a-half weeks, fine. (I leveled from 62-64 in that time)

I give her 250g for her epic mount, fine. (*Whimper*)

But last night I brought her with me to Hellfire Ramparts and Hellreaver drops from Vazruden.

She won the roll.

I don't remember anything like that in our wedding vows. : / (Honestly, it's cool. :D )
Cloud Droplets Are Twenty Microns
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Double Entendre for the win!

jmae, queen of comedy, relates to us a slight... misinterpretation.

"MM: Hay d00d, wanna go get booze and get smashed off Sonny Chiba movies?
Sascha: I approve of this. Hold on a second, I'm trying to sell this stuff in WoW.

*MM sits down, Sascha clicks on 'Innkeeper Allison'*

Innkeeper Allison: *in a sultry voice* Well met.

*Menu pops up; Sascha clicks on 'Let me browse your goods'*

MM: 'Browse her goods', eh? Bahaha, I didn't think this game had this sort of thing.
Sascha: Yeah, I'd browse her goods if ya know what I'm sayin'.

*MM reads off Innkeeper Allison's wares*

MM: Ice-cold milk. *snicker* 'Sweet nectar', gettin' nasty now! *snickers harder* ...M-Moist cornbread? *gives a weirded-out look*
Sascha: HEY. Lay off the moist cornbread. I love that stuff. That stuff's the shit.
MM: *reading further* ...Melon juice. ...MELON JUICE!! XD XD

*MM bursts into hysterical laughter, cackling insanely before looking back on the screen*

MM: HEY! HEY WHAT'RE YOU DOING? Are you selling a "Scroll of Stamina"?! *laughs even harder* C'mon, with wares like these you're gonna need that shit!

Context likes her men with stamina.
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Breakfast on Pluto // Pussy!Cillian

*shifty eyes* Whaddya mean, world domination??

noneedofcrepe would like to inform us all that getting the result of The AntiChrist on this quiz does NOT make her comparable to Hitler.

Anyway, it mentioned Hitler a lot in my results. Okay, such is the curse of being named Hannah but good GOD people do have a thing with connecting me in silly ways to Evil Doers of the World.
Their biggest argument? "Well, your names both start with 'H'!"
*FACEPALM* Alright, first of all, let's decide on something before we have this argument: Are we following any sort of rule at all?? Because the two most common examples of this apparent similarity are Adolf Hitler and Hannibal Lecter.
I mean damn; one's first name starts with H while the other's last name does.
When I point this out they shrug it away. "Still," they say "it counts."
"Lecter doesn't actually exist!" I shoot back.
"Well Hitler does! And I bet if you were a guy you'd have a funny mustache as well!"
And from there it all goes downhill. Why, Adolf, did you have to be a vegetarian artist? WHY. And okay, maybe we are both born in April, and maybe we are both are smart but hate school, and maybe we're both bad at math, and maybe we are both part our hair on the same side of our heads, and maybe we are both are spoiled brats who create our own sense of right and wrong, and maybe we both hate responsibility, and maybe we are both self-obsessed brooding bastards who like to hear themselves talk about themselves, and maybe I AM strangely like him (at least in the less HORRID aspects).
But honestly.
I promise not to hate Jews, commit mass genocide, be in any way interested in politics, ask you to call me Führer, nor write a book about myself with such a lame title as 'My Struggle'. Lol, I mean really, the creativity.

Context thinks you wouldn't like it when it's angry...
Kushiel's Legacy: Rainbow Love.

OSes = religion?

kickthehobbit: I view discussing OSes the same way I view discussing religion—stay polite, and realise that if they're happy with what they have, trying to convince them that they're wrong is futile, and makes you look close-minded. :P

active_apathy: Though, with OSes, you can prove that they (a) exist and (b) do stuff, with a good degree of reliability. So, it'd be like discussing religion if everyone believed that all religions were real, and then argued about ever-decreasing differences.

Which would make the inevitable religious arguments more different.

"So, theoretically, how could I covet my neighbour's ass without it being sinful?"

"Well, Euterpe's fine for some stuff, but I find Thalia's much better for writing filk."

"Is there a way I can change the Bacchanalia to be Jehova-compatible? I've spent a lot of guilt on this system, and I'd like to know if there's a way I can make it work without needing to get a whole other set of beliefs."

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azalynn said it well:

I think there's something very very wrong with a world in which the impulse to decrease diversity and minimize the existence of people who are different is stronger than the impulse to create inclusive environments for all kinds of people.

why are you like this

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The other day (Thursday, the 8th, I think), I saw a squirrel leaving a garbage can with a whole berry square from Blue Chip Cookies. That was odd. But I was like, "yeah, go squirrel! Eat the food that the bastards wasted."

-- eolian_sprite, on littering.

Context wonders about the starving children in Africa.