February 16th, 2007

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It *would* be Bret Easton Ellis blurbing this, too

nerdcakes on the book Leash, by Jane DeLynn:

"It spends about two thirds of the time being all 'la la la, we are in a bdsm relationship and occasionally we push boundaries OH AND I MADE YOU FUCK A DOG THAT ONE TIME'. And then at the end it suddenly turns into some sort of animal-transformation PSYCHOLOGICAL MINDWARPY THING with a secret society of dog-people... According to the back of the book, Bret Easton Ellis thinks Leash has 'the horrifying simplicity of Kafka'. I THINK THIS IS NOT DOING IT JUSTICE. Probably he should have said, 'like Kafka, only WITH MORE DOG-SEX.' That would have prepared me better, I think."

Context is cringing over here.
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We're not broke, we're broken.

matociquala lays down the insight when it comes to Hope:

Whereas the truth is this: life is about adapting to trauma. Life is about finding work-arounds. Life is also about using that trauma, because the thing about broken edges is they cut.

And knives are tools as much as weapons.

And I think it would be nice if more literature did not reflect one Lie or the other, because I find, personally, that people are not disposable.

And my best teapot is the one with the glued-together lid.

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Did it sneeze?

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Somewhere in between funny and deep, from firerosearien:

"... because even with a new Congress, the government seems as inept as ever. A non-binding resolution? That's not even a slap on the wrist; it's more like a best friend telling her best friend to go with the blue gown for Prom instead of the red."

Context is spending billions of dollars on a troop surge limo.