February 15th, 2007

Tooth Fairy

It's bug day for amandathegreat.

Me: What is that on my bed?

Spider: (Hairily) Hallo.


Spider: I gotta be me!

Me: Look, I explained the rules to you guys. I'll leave you alone for the most part, but if you go on the bed then I keel you. (Grabs kleenex so as to avoid spider ick on hands and bed.)


Trash Can: What's all this, then?

Me: Oh... oh good. Maybe you'll stay in there?

(Thoughtful pause.)

Orrrrrr maybe I'm taking the trash out a bit early. (Exeunt.)

For the record, my half of the dialogue really did occur. Living alone is doing strange things to my brain.

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The context goes marching two by two .
beyond the horizon

mrs_wrye shares a "moment" with her husband.

Last night I was laying in bed visualising some geometry. I started with two parallel lines (or line segments for you diehard mathematicians), like so: || Then in my mind I pressed on each line in the very center, toward the other. Eventually the lines passed each other to form this shape: () except the two ends touched, forming a kind of petal. Then I did the same thing with an equilateral triangle. And then a square. Each time I tried this, it formed a pretty simple flower shape that reminded me of some of my mom's quilt blocks. But the point of this exercise was just to see if I could make this happen in my mind's eye. I was just working on the pentagon when Josh spoke up.

"Ellen, are you asleep?"
"Have you ever thought about how many sides a three-dimensional figure can have? I've been trying to create a three-sided figure in my head and it's making my brain hurt."

It was at this moment I remembered why Josh and I are married.

Context be here. QWP.
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cmdr_zoom Suspects History is repeating Itself

QWP, this is the whole thing: http://cmdr-zoom.livejournal.com/188766.html

After hearing of the latest example of Kevin Sorbo behaving like a whiny prima donna and remembering how Andromeda, initially a somewhat promising show like many Roddenberry-created series, went rapidly downhill after Sorbo and others started dumbing it down (also like many Roddenberry-created series), I find myself wondering how things might have gone if Gene had lived long enough to produce the show himself. I think some conversations on the set might have been oddly familiar:

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Beware of People

All RPGs have a "Ice" country, don't they?

My supplies were lacking themselves, so my first stops were to the nearby outposts to stock up. Villagers had pillaged most of the most necessary items, however, leaving only useless stock potions and a bag of surprises. I then forged outside, gathering raw elements and blatantly stealing from hapless villagers who really thought that I had a box of puppies in my backpack.

Signs of modern civilization soon began to cease, leaving only ruins that were dotted with yetis and lost travelers who could not read the signs left by my ranger friends, buried under the snow. They tried desperately to attack me for my supplies, but fell under my wrath. I lost my fairy-guide to one of the yetis, but since she was annoying this was hardly a major loss.

Context gained EXP but did not Level Up here: http://kikiwritingbird.livejournal.com/40652.html

Blasphemy from basbleugrrl

I'm going to Friday prayers tomorrow with a Muslim friend for an anthropology project. She told me emphatically and repeatedly to make sure that I am "pure" to enter the mosque -- meaning take a shower, no makeup or perfume, wear clean underwear, all that.

So what did I have for dinner tonight?

PORK LOIN with a glass of WINE.

If I fart in that mosque tomorrow I am going straight to hell.

-- QWP, not that you'll ever see it. :-p --