February 14th, 2007


Initial confusion?

rhiannon_s has a bad day on the phones at Customer Service...

"That guy that thought TV size L meant we should give him a television, I should have told him that it meant we had to give him a fat TransVestite. If anyone else tries it that's the response I'm gonna use."

Context is also considering lobbying for mandatory ennunciation, pronunciation and elocution lessons for the great unwashed. Locked post. QWP.
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In a discussion about atheism and other fun stuff...

mencc1701: While we're at it, let's not forget the Pagan roots of our celebrations of Easter and Christmas! Truly, as a society, we are a mutt.

eco49rvra: I like Easter because it involves worshipping a zombie in order to acquire candy.

mencc1701: Not only that, but the candy is delivered by a mutant rabbit.

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Abraham's Birthday

dukeshedevil: happy birthday abraham lincoln, the guy i blame for how much our country's politics suck now. if he had let the south secede, then bush would be the leader of a bunch of poor rednecks with pitchforks and horse drawn carriages with no means to have any influence on the world. and the north would be a progressive and peaceful country with better things to do than taunt muslim countries, bully our allies, and destabilize the world. damn you abraham lincoln! 
~courtesy of jacobus.

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Awesome me

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clayinraises a thought.  http://clayin.livejournal.com/248281.html  QWP

Angela Carder was a cancer survivor who got pregnant back in 1986. She specifically said that she didn't want the pregnancy to put her health at risk. And yet when they found out that she had a lung tumor and treating that would kill the developing fetus, they intervened and forced her to have a C-section over her own objections. And it killed her. AND the fetus.

This case is twenty years old. How much has changed in those twenty years?

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 uranus_sama QWP http://uranus-sama.livejournal.com/573990.html

And I am SO SICK of hearing about fucking Anna Nicole Smith. SHE DIED. WHOOPTY-FUCKING-DOO. And is it just me or does the American media have to give EVERY story its own name? I stopped on an all-news channel while I was flipping the other day (I think it was CNN) and they had a big graphic of her with 'ANNA NICOLE SMITH 1967-2007' and below that it said 'AMERICA'S ROSE'.

Umm.... no?!?! She was an augmented, drugged-up bimbo with the IQ (and charm) of a pile of wet socks. She was a stripper and a playboy playmate. The smartest thing ever to come out of her mouth was 'Like my body? Trimspa, baby!'

Diana was England's Rose.

I DONT care who's the father of her goddamned baby, I DONT care where her body ends up, and I DONT care to see her stupid face on my TV screen anymore.


mmm... yummy... and too much snow!

Title: Hilarious subject line

I subscribe to a daily video newscast from Israel, a link to which is sent to me every day. The subject line for today's email:

"Retired judge says he feared President's suicide & Hummus recipe."

Must be some recipe.

QWP from Tikvah, although this is the whole post.


insane amounts of snow here in central NY - tug hill has 141 inches! noreaster's here too... skitten has this in her journal... QWP, in entirety.

[IthacaFreecycle] Offer: tons and tons of snow...

to IthacaFreecycle

I am looking to get rid of all the snow that is in my yard and
driveway. It doesnt really look good at my place, would work well for
making a snow fort or sculptures....Must take all...
when silly thoughts go through my head, she don't use jelly, i shall never grow old

Care Bears and everlasting misery.

… In retrospect, probably qualifies as a mixed message when you bounce into the University Counselling Center, grin at the receptionist, and brightly say, “Hi! I’m going to Kenya this fall! I have clinical depression, though, so I need to talk to a counsellor about coping strategies, okay?” Agreeing to ‘anytime this week,’ sitting down and snickering at a Terry Pratchett book while they check their schedule, and then waving happily and saying “Have a good day! See you tomorrow!” only cloud the issue further.

It’s like having Sunny the Care Bear walk into your office and say, “Hi! I live in a rainbow world of clouds! Sometimes I have bad thoughts of everlasting misery and the finality of death! Are those lollipops for anybody?”

- padparadscha, here, QWP
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The video in question can be seen at the original post.

33mhz, regarding Intelligent Design:

That banana video was funny, but using examples from the natural world as case-studies to "prove" Intelligent Design is only advisable to those who are not concerned with painting a picture of a caring, loving, or even sane God.

For example take the "brain surgeon wasp," Ampulex corpressa, brought to my attention by jwz a while back. When mating time comes, the female of the species alights on a host cockroach and effectively lobotomizes it with a carefully-manouvered stinger to the back of the head and a "cocktail of neurotoxins," to use the language of the scientists studying this species.

As a result of this procedure, the cockroach's escape reflex is destroyed and its metabolism is slowed, but its other facilities remain intact. The wasp then guides the cockroach to her nursery, where the wasp lays an egg on the unresisting roach. This egg hatches and the larva that emerges eats its way into the still-living roach (now on its 8th day without food or water) and consumes its internal organs from the inside. It builds a cocoon and soon a new wasp emerges from both the cocoon and the roach at the same time. Kind of like a turducken, but made of terror and misery.