February 13th, 2007


All right, we're officially a horde!

Congratulations...keitsu, for being the 10,000th member to join.

Never in a million years did I think I'd see this many bright, silly, witty people in one place, virtual or not.

In honor of the occasion- Collapse )

Hurrah and Happy Valentines Day- to all 10,000 of you.

(I'll be up all night writing these damn cards out... how do you spell your name again?)
Light Magician

Cthulhu's Bakery

Errol: Okay, so.
Errol: Cthulhu can eat 1d4 investigators per round.
Errol: How many cookies can Cthulhu eat in one round? Show your work.
Mark: Under the assumption that these are PC investigators, who have 1 level and a consititution of 12, they have 8 HP. A cookie is a construct and ergo has no HP, but is of Diminutive size, and ergo gains 1 HP. If the mass:HP ratio is observed from D&D 3.0, then he can eat 1d4(x8) cookies a round.
Mark: In other words? Cthulu will fuck your bakery.
Mong: ROFL
Mong: damn logic
Buddha: Hey Mark?
Mark: Yeah?
Buddha: Pretty sure you just broke Geekery.
Mark: I try, man. I try.

QWP, context here, although that's about it: http://cassildra.livejournal.com/114882.html

Originally taken from iamtheeviltwin's journal.
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