February 11th, 2007


"Aren't you gonna wash your hands?" "No! 'Cause I'm evil."

kippurbird is reading Eragon

Yes. This is the only reason why Galby would do something. Because he is evil. No other motivation is needed. He's just evil. That's it. No deep motivators or plans or thoughts or anything. He's just evil. Evil people -at least evil people in GOOD fiction- generally don't think of themselves as evil. One would assume that Galby is the same and he's doing this for some reason beyond the fact that he's evil.

"I think I'll kill a puppy today."

"Why Master?"

"Because I'm evil."

See, normal good villains don't think like that. It would be something more like:

"I think I have to kill a puppy today."

"Why Master?"

Because I need a sacrifice to talk to my gods about my master plan to take over the world from those stupid hypocrites down in the lowlands."

But this could just be me.

Context follows the Evil Overlord List.
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darkblood777 on the relationship of shopping carts and cars:

You fail to realize the intense destruction a shopping cart can create. Because you see, shopping carts are not built, they are grown and raised. While many shopping cart farms are docile and law-abiding, there are a few rogue farmers who raise their carts to have a deep unadulterated hatred of cars. In only a minute a small gang of shopping carts can reduce an SUV to scrap metal.

QWP, Taken from a reply in this post over on the customers_suck
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Posted with permission!
I included the whole post for context.

In a locked post by lakinicoyote, she discusses how her little boy has grown up:

YES, my kids say the darndest things. Bill Cosby would blache out to Micheal Jackson if he heard some of the shit my kids say.
You all know my youngest now says, "VANINA".
Not hoohah, not twat, cunt or 'down there'- VANINA.
He was having nakie time, on the bed, the other day. He looks at me and sings VININA!
And I say, "No, honey, you have a PENIS" and point to the junk he is now and forever more obsessed with.
"PENINA?" he asks.
"No, PENIS."
"Yes, penis!"
He proceeds to play with said penis for a good 15 minutes, singing "PEEIS, PEEIS PEEIS.." joyfully.
My little boy, is now a man.
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logrusboy rethinks his dating scheme.

It seems that, much to my surprise, Ghost Rider is NOT a good date movie.

I figured it's got a boy and a girl and demonic fire--it must be good for a date, right? Hell, it stars Nicolas FCollapse )ing Cage! He's fun for guys and gals both, right?

*sigh* Back to the drawing board. :(

Entire unlocked post -- context should maybe have tried Music and Lyrics instead.
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thebb73 posted in uh... thebb73

thebb73 posted in uh... thebb73 RIGHT HERE with this little jewel. QWP and passed on with a hearty helping of bran flakes.

I liked the purple woozle. But it had this problem. It was too big. So I was trying to warm it up with igloo gun. It didn't work. I turned left and ran right into the pool of gel. It was still pink, but the edges were yellow. I can't figure it out. Something isn't the kafoozaling right. And the nap is running. And sunflowers are jumping, but the rain is still blue. Anyone know why?
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If this arena rock band takes off, I want to do a cover of Baba O'Riley, except in the vein of really pretentious and lengthy song titles, it will be called "It's Called 'Baba O'Riley', Not 'Teenage Wasteland', You Stupid Generation Y Fucks; I Bet You'd Never Even Heard of The Who Until House, M.D. Rocked Out to Them".

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Quizzy quizzy quizzes

hoboknifefights is doing a quiz:

9. How long was it from 'the first date' until the proposal of marriage? How long until the wedding?
Well, y'know, we met online, and after 2 hours of the most AMAZING conversation ever, I sent him my credit card so he could move here from Nigeria. So I guess that was the first date... we've been dating for about 3 years now... still haven't met. The Nigerian taxes for leaving the country are huge! He spends like $3000/month on leagl fees so we can live happily ever after.

context is HERE
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