February 9th, 2007

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Oh those wonderful loons

ginasketch puts up a link to a "how to spot a satanist" site on oldharrysgame [1], to which wieselkind responds:
maybe wer should email him and say thank you for the tips.

How's this?

Dear Father Trosch,

Thank you for your informative guide to Satanic Ritual Abuse.

I must say, as a budding Satanist I had no idea there was so much involved in doing it properly. I thought we were just supposed to go around loving ourselves! Boy! How wrong I was.

I'm glad you set me straight though. Now I can fully plan a proper Satanic Ritual! We've dug a hole in the backyard all ready and waiting for our guests, and though we're fresh out of pig fetuses, I'm sure we could use human ones instead?

Thanks again! And I couldn't have done it without your help! You're the only site I found with regards to describing SRA properly! You must be very learned in the subject!

Satanically yours,

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foofy_attorney is large, loud, boisterous, gay--and not cool with calling a certain show "the hoohaa monologues".

The misogyny dripping in the attitude that even the word "vagina" is somehow inappropriate is disgusting and disturbing. America, it's a sad state of affairs when a gay man has to sit you down and remind you that vaginas are okay. But rather than just whine about a problem, I'm going to do my part to solve it. I'm going to gather as many women as I can who bear a resemblance to Julianne Moore, style and dress them as she appeared in The Big Lebowski, and they will wander the city saying "vagina," stressing each syllable, all in an outdoor voice, even if they are indoors.

context is funny. and gay. funny and gay. that's context.

qwp, from public post.
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Anna Nicole Smith.

wheeler gives a deep, eloquent and interesting eulogy of Anna Nicole Smith, the notorious Playboy star who died today aged 39.

"She never achieved her great ambition, of course. She was no Marilyn Monroe. Yet perhaps she was a Marilyn Monroe for our more grasping, tawdry, voyeuristic age. And in one sense she had Marilyn beat. She outlived her by three years."

The whole thing is here.
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mst3k women

What do you want to be buried with? jimmy_shades wants to be buried in a whale.

I have decided that I want a traditional church service and burial with only one minor detail of alteration.

I want to be buried in a whale. The pythonesque absurdity of having a lorry pull upside a small village church with a dead whale on the back of it, followed by the sweat & strain of the whale-bearers as the haul my giant, fleshy casket into the church fills me with glee.

Additionally, the grave diggers would have their work cut out and any archaeologists that chanced to stumble over my remains would probably be fairly bamboozled.

My epitaph will read: "Here lies J M. I had a whale of a time".

Link here. QWP cos it is my LJ and not locked.

Edit Sorry, I read the rules but forgot to put the commenters name in. As for the context, I honestly didn't know what to put. Sorry to make people flail. And post Amanda icons. And making people think about Hoff/Amanda melding. Ick.
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movies•etown ☆ happy ending

bibsy apologizes for the destruction of the environment:


Sorry we're like melting your ice, starving you to death, and messing up your genetics with all the garbage we put into the air, but we need oil for the gigantic automobiles that are, ironcially, MELTING WHAT YOU LIVE ON.

Hope you understand and don't try to eat us in our sleep!


Context is here, although that's the entire entry.
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Medusas's Owl

lunar_geisha says live and let live.

And if you want to believe that a giant cow in a tutu is going to float down from the Giant Green Pasture in the Sky and cover the earth in soul-redeeming fecal matter, and you really really set your life by this, I'm going to respect that (and then probably mock you behind your back, but I'll respect your opinion to your face.)

Locked but QWP context says it's better to just respectfully disagree than be an asshat about it. (And I respectfully agree!)
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Slightly Confuzzled - Holly Brook

sparklychibi gets an interesting question...

TREVIN: Ask her, ask her!
TREVIN: Come on.
ME: Something wrong, guys?
LAUREN: Okay--what's the name of cartoon porn?
ME: Huh?
LAUREN: You know, there's a word for it, cartoon porn--
TREVIN: (helpfully) It begins with an H.
ME: Hentai?
LAUREN: Thanks, Laney.
ME: No problem.
TREVIN: (as I leave) See, I told you she'd know that.

Am I insulted or flattered here? ...I think I'm unsurprised.

Context thinks it's best with tentacles. QWP.
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Mr. Vimes is right behind you

orangemike is confused....

What is LiveJournal's obsession with O'Reilly Automotive Inc. (NYSE:ORLY)? I mean, it's basically a sound stock, certainly the closest thing to a blue chip in the retail automotive parts and accessories industry, and a safe investment if you are looking at a one-year or longer investment horizon.

But you don't see LJ icons for BRK.A or GPC or NXL or GD or ITW or even AAPL!

Death By Shinies

Medieval banking at it's finest

I've thrown this savings idea around a little bit over the past couple weeks, and I think I like it. It works for my brain: For a couple years, instead of putting savings into a savings account, I'm going to buy precious metals (silver and gold). I don't mean *investing* in precious metals through a website or something, I mean buying blocks of silver. Silver is a good bit less liquid than money in a savings account (i.e, I have to get off my ass and take a briefcase of silver over to a coin dealer in order to sell it), and this will dissuade me from liquidating it if I want to buy a sandwich or a new computer or something. The real benefit to this is that I get to visually see my savings accumulate, and I can say, "hey, I could buy two drinks tonight, or I could buy another fucking BLOCK OF SILVER." It works for my brain. I have an absurd fantasy of sitting at my desk with a briefcase full of silver bars with a glock on top. I intend to make that a reality.

longhairedbum is bringing back the original meaning of hoard. QWP
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