February 7th, 2007

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felisdemens, on creative spelling:

For me, it's like getting a splinter every time I stumble across a misspelling. Which troubles me only because I enjoyed the content of the post. "Yes, yes, hah! Stupid custom- OW! *recovers* Yes, okay, pwned, OW OW JESUS why do you hate America?"

In other news, I have decided to spell the word and as urethra. PAY NO ATTENTION IT'S JUST MY WAY.

QWP. Context has splinters in painful places.
Random - Park bench

Effing bunnies...

venom55 rants flockedly: "One thing I've always had a problem drawing is bunnies. Damn bunnies. The fact is I can draw bunnies but they all come out looking like ratty unkept male bachelor bunnies with bad hygiene. You can still tell it's a bunny; they just never look cute or soft. They look like they've been drinking heavily all night and possibly smoking then coming home and falling asleep in their clothes bunnies."
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let's get it on!

felisdemens is a bit terrified by a new commercial:

Dear god. I have finally seen the most horrifying commercial ever.

It is, of course, for Cialis. Unsurprisingly.

Grandpa pops some Cialis so he can sex up Grandma. However - oh noes! - the whole nuclear family, with sprogs and dog, arrives unexpectedly for a visit. No rumpy-pumpy for you, Granny! They exchange a rueful look across the teeming, squalling masses of uninvited meat.

But wait! Ciagra-Panexa-Sanhedrin works for 36 hours! (But after 4 days call a doctor. And all your friends. And CNN.)

So Grandpa and Grandma merrily join the family in a day of frolicking on the seaside. Pushing the spawn in swings, picnicking, spray-painting sea turtles, shooting heroin into their eyeballs, whatever families do. Cause there's always time for... oh, god, I can't even finish that sentence.

And all I can think about is that Grandpa has a GIANT CHEMICALLY INDUCED BONER THE ENTIRE TIME.


I have no objection to Grandpa's boner in appropriate situations, but NOT WHILE HANGING OUT WITH THE KIDS AND GRANDKIDS. WTF, is he pushing the swing with it? They forgot the scene where he playfully whips it out to test the direction of the wind before jumping into the sailboat with Rover and Daughter-In-Law, or scrapes the last of the mayo out of the jar for Son's salami sandwich.

Don't hug anybody goodbye, Grandpa, please please pleasepleaseplease. Not without shouting "THIS IS WHAT YOU LITTLE FUCKERS GET FOR NOT CALLING FIRST!" and laying about you with your cane. Then you can demand that Granny "get her tiny hiney upstairs and get that wetsuit on before Vanilla Thunder expires!"

GOD NO WHY. This is wronger than Joel Schumacher wanting to direct the Sandman movie. *whimper*

QWP, Context is pale and wrinkled but surprisingly tumescent.
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