February 5th, 2007

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lightfromlight, on baaaaabyanimals, understands the important things in life:

Apparently, here in the USA, there is some kind of sporting contest on television tonight that's kind of popular. I guess that's fun. As for me, I'm watching Animal Planet's Puppy Bowl. It starts again in a few minutes. Much more satisfying than that football thing on the other channel. Sure, they have Prince, but Puppy Bowl has SQUEAKY HEDGEHOGS.

Context is tiny, wet-nosed, and peering out of a box. (QWP)
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sunspiral's Party was JUST that good!

What kind of party was this, you ask? QWP here

Thanks to everyone who attended the Hot Foods Party, and extra special thanks to the folks who helped out before and during with tons of cleaning, setup, shuttle and party maintenance tasks. You all rock.

The Lost & Found list is as follows:

~9" x 13" metal baking pan
Stainless steel pot
Green, white & blue pacifier
Black Watch patterned wool scarf
Black knitted type hat
Black gloves
Maroon Hanes men's underwear size 32-34
Black lace garter belt, size XL
Black & purple striped stockings
Pair of ~1" enameled spheres with bells inside (ben wa balls?)
Dell 256M flash drive
2 AAA batteries
Axe deodorant
Chapstick in a white tube
Listerine Mouthwash
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gothic wondering

sionnain has been attacked by Teh Monday:

Oh, Monday.

I arrived at work this morning (office=exact temperature of Absolute Zero. Self would prefer Absolut Vodka in lieu of said temperature) to a message on my work phone. "A message!" says self.

Sionn: *dials into voice mail*

Pleasant Voice: "You have one new message. Would you like to hear it?"

Sionn: *obediently presses button as instructed by Pleasant Voice*

Pleasant Voice: "The message is--"



Then, I get an email from one of my volunteers about rapists and choosing victims (is a warning, mind, not a how-to). Am looking for axeman possibly hiding under desk.

Press 1 if you want Context. Press 2 for flocked. Press 3 for QWP. Press the * key to talk to another machine.

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responding to an image of a woman at a rally holding up a placard that reads "Men Are the Problem":

"I have to disagree with her and her placard. My dad was an alcoholic, a wifebeater, and a violent, abusive parent. The problem was not that he was a man, but that he was a loser."

- quoted from mintogrubb on anti_feminism
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On overheardnyc, we learn how to handle children with anger management issues.
darkpattern: Sometimes you have to institute a love-tackle where you latch on the kid and hold on as he fights you. After a few moments of struggle, he realizes that it's futile, and he'll he give in to your love.

Actually, that sounds a lot like molestation.

nemesisbecoming: Or the romantic plot to some chick flick.

darkpattern:I was thinking more along the lines of a Lifetime Original movie special involving some thirteen year old addicted to pez. Her mother sobbing as she hold onto the daughter attempting to crawl across the floor and retrieve her novelty candy dispenser, "Why won't you let me love you?! Can't you see that Snoopy and other such cartoon heads are killing you?! You haven't eaten actual food in days!"

I like to think this movie would be called Pezaholic or Candy's Habit.

satyrix is my butch Martha Stewart

So, how does one rethread a spark plug bore in an aluminum engine block when it's twenty below (wind chill figure, it's actually a balmy 8 degrees)? Assume that one is not willing to remove the engine from the car and bring it inside.

First, one must discount the idea of using a heat lamp to assist: it might be nice for my hands, but it's too cold for a lamp's heat to affect the metal or the threadlocker. Instead, follow this simple recipe in your own home kitchen:

~ One (1) hardened steel tap & handle, appropriately sized.
~ One (1) threaded spark plug collar, sized to match tap.
~ Small plastic bottle of 3-in-1 oil.
~ Small (1-2 ounces) amount of wheel bearing grease.
~ Tube of anti seize compound, any manufacturer.
~ Support tools as needed for engine tune-up.
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Quoted in its entirety & QWP from here: http://satyrix.livejournal.com/587858.html
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Define interesting

Meta-meta word.

"Here in metaquotes, we make fun of things including but not limited to: famous people, bands, subcultures, political parties (yes EVEN YOURS!!), siblings, friends, words, the Pope, the President, news articles, diseases, intolerance, overtolerance, parents, sex (regular type and deviant), cities, countries, mythical creatures, fandoms, clothing, hair, school, work, body parts (including organs), animals, inanimate objects, planets, the internet, IRL, various foodstuffs, deities based on various foodstuffs, other deities, Cthulhu, furniture, weather, and people who take things too damn seriously.

If you're going to get personally offended every time you like or are one of those things, then I may be inclined to suggest this is not the place for you."

amandathegreat, here.