February 1st, 2007

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he's just a widdle biddle thing.... aw!

Over in a baaaaabyanimals public post, pauldrye shows us something new...

pauldrye: SQUEAMISH WARNING: I think he's cute and weird, but some others seem to be BLARGH WHAT IS THAT THERE IS NO GOD. So fair warning.

mitejen: Well I love it. It's cute how adamant he seems as he plods along, like he has business to take care of. He's all --Can't stop to chat now, I have to appear in some Discovery channel video about evolution or something. Ta.'
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Innovations in Marketing

jmae is impressed by her new birth control, and thinks of future marketing ideas:

"Tricyclin Hi's. Come with convenient day labels, a condom compartment, extra tampons, a pushup bra, a big stick for when that ho at the club tries to get witcho' man, and bonus perfume to hit on the other hot guy at the bar when you dump yo' man for lookin' at dat ho. Mm-hm. Snap snap."

Context knows what women need.
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letitallgo gives a view of what most young girls did during their budding adolesence:

You know how, when you were old enough to know the business with the birds and the bees but not old enough to have given up Barbie dolls, you used to pose your Barbies in obscene positions with your Ken dolls? Don't give me that look. I know you did it. It's a time-honoured practice among snickering twelve-year-olds, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with doing that to your Barbies.

Context is waxing poetic over a long-forgotten youth.  QWP.