January 31st, 2007


Separate but Equus

coatcheckgirl's reaction to the upcoming Equus movie

I didn't think that anything could titillate me ever again after the sheer aesthetic genius of Brokeback Mountain, but now apparently Daniel Radcliffe is going to be in a film version of Equus:

For those of you who weren't forced to read this Canon dribble back in the scholastic days of yore, Equus is a story which culminates in a simulated/sex act between a young man and a horse. For some inexplicable reason, this sick-ass shit is required reading in many American high schools.

Go Harry Potter!

Too bad it's a horse, though. I don't like horses. I'd rather pay to see HP (hewlett packard?) have sex with a large tiger, or perhaps a rhino. Or Elija Wood.

Quoted here

Not trying to start a debate; I just thought this was well-said.

_status_quo defends her decision to be pro-choice with some very good logic here:

There is a difference between being an uneducated girl who does not know enough about sex to protect themselves and a girl who uses abortion as birth control.

There is a difference between a girl who is raped and a girl who uses abortion as birth control.

There is a difference between a woman who is sick and the baby is slowly killing her and a woman using abortion as birth control.

There is a difference between a girl who realizes she can't care for the child, and can't take care of herself well enough to bring the baby safely to full term and a girl who uses abortion as birth control.

There is a difference between a drug addict who is killing the baby through her life choices and a girl using abortion as birth control.

Personally, I couldn't do it, but it needs to be available.

Edited for clarification: It's my understanding that the OP's use of the phrase "using abortion as birth control" is in response to the criticism of many pro-lifers that unless abortion is made illegal, girls will use it in a careless manner. Also in the original thread, _status_quo mentioned that she wasn't trying to define anyone's morality, she was only pointing out that every situation where an abortion is considered is different. Sorry about the confusion.
Fanfic by Erika

Nintendo can only do so much

moshiicake knows not to ask Nintendo Europe too much:

Its clear that I want a result but I want them to know I'm not someangry mad crazy mother or something; I don't want to demand things theycannot deliver, such as a new points card presented on a velvet cushionby Luigi wearing nothing but a smile.

Context is playing Twilight Princess
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Anxious, Klaus Baudelaire

Ultimate Showdown: Uterus

I didn't want this to get buried in the thread. Meta-meta Context got taken down by a Care Bear Stare.

amandathegreat: Um... Shay? If you have eleventy million abortions I am going to be somewhat concerned about a) your health, and b) wherever you get your condoms.
shaysdays: Well, I did have that affair with Chuck Norris seven years ago- all the sperm are waiting their turn and I have to go in every month now.
amandathegreat: Damn, you better get them things aborted. Otherwise they'll roundhouse kick you in the face as soon as they come out.
shaysdays: That's why I have to get rid of 'em before they grow legs or can do anything but roundhouse blob the docs unconsious. It's a weird experience to see a GYN with a lab coat, a scalpel, and light defensive weaponry.
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I just love her dialogue entries.

slammerkinbabe and girlfriend take on breaking news:

This whole "bomb scare" thing is just unbelievable. And it's really emphasizing just how wide the technology gap between the generations is right now. All of these newscasters and newswriters are apparently completely not-savvy with the Internet; on boston.com, the news stories still don't know why these Errs were posted or by whom, while all the people on the message boards know exactly what's going on. People who know how to use the Internet know that this is a ten-city ad campaign, and they know who put the signs up and under whose aegis; people reporting the news know that "college kids" were involved. Below is transcribed a conversation λ and I were having as we watched the news:

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