January 30th, 2007

House? This is God.

In statements, lisacharly tells us a story:

Someone on the phone just called me and asked if they could speak to God.

agirl_gonemad replies: Should've said "Speaking. Who can I smite for you today?"

lisacharly: I would have, but my God voice is just so terrible today. I sound less omnipotent than husky and gravely (maybe like I've been deflowering virgins all night and doing hard drugs).

Context has Satan icons
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williaej starts an ad:

Do you have trouble getting out of bed?
Have you slept for more than three hours one or more nights this week?

Ask you doctor or healthcare provider about Ambilion, from the makers of Viagra. Ambilion will help you do way the fuck too much in the few precious hours of time you have.

Side effects include fatigue, dry mouth, empty stomach, dull social life, and poor eating habits. In certain rare cases, people who have Ambilion have attempted global domination. If you feel the sudden urge to dress in spandex and enslave humanity, notify the Justice League immediately, as this may be a sign of a serious mental health condition. Ambilion is not for everyone, including those who have livers or trust funds.

It's not too late. Ask about Ambilion today.

Ambilion--get lots of things done.

Context all started due to a misread.
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dear me
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flocked, QWP.

"I think that I ought to start using this journal more. The whole point, you see, of starting another was that I could be more open and candid and not have to lock everything to my school friends. But I have since discovered that candour is not what most people expect in a livejournal, they expect infrequent complaints about school." --snowyofthenight
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