January 29th, 2007


The big ones

frdelrosario claims to have had an intriguing experience post-movie.

"You've awakened the genie of the lamp," it said. "I will answer any three of your questions."

"Um, OK. What do women want?"

"I hate it when men find the lamp," it said. "Uh...." the genie began.

Context actually had more burning questions.

On Soviet internets, quote metas you.

In response to this image macro, terry_terrible says:

tried to download Communism once and I got the following message:

file not found

error 404

The social/political system you have requested on this web server no longer exists, or has been moved to a new location. This error message may have occurred for a number of reasons:

The file may have been deleted by Gorbachev
The file may have been deleted because it is out of date
The link contained within an external website may be the incorrect answer to the right question
You may have entered the wrong dialectic into your browser
Our theory may be totally flawed

Context's internal contradictions will bring about the revolution. (Locked, but is a comment on my LJ.)