January 26th, 2007

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On babies and Mötley Crüe

Quoth turnberryknkn in an editor's note re a music loving baby's favorite song,
Mötley Crüe is still touring? Mötley Crüe is still *alive*?!? I mean, in their (in)famous careers of extreme excess they must have done enough drugs to fill a small airplane -- and had enough female companionship to fill a small airport terminal -- which makes news of their survival all the more incredible to this technical Child of the 80's...
Yar be pirates!-  by _finn_

I guess they lost their Midnight Oil sheet music...

So, yesterday was Australia Day. Whee. It's one of a very few days where you'll see thousands of people here waving the Union Flag about all over the place.

Anyway, my parental types felt (a) patriotic and (b) like paying for food. So, in the manner of the RotS incident, they decided I was going with them, called to tell me, then came and took me for food. Yey.

Then, of course, we went to see the nationalistic display of splodeystuff. I'm not sure why every country with some day of nationalistic pride decides to celebrate it by detonating crate upon crate of low-yield explosives. Well, why apart from 'fire pretty'.

Before the splodeystuff, they had a live band, which is the kind of idea that's interesting in theory. Being the patriotic band they are, they played... um... iconic pieces of Australiana, such as... uhh... Summer of '69. And Play That Funky Music. And Blister in the Sun. Methinks they didn't quite think things through.

Much more on splodeythings from active_apathy

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eiredrake comments on impeachment falling off the table:
I do not understand why anyone in America could look at this situation and not be completely incensed. We were founded by people who were trying to ensure that these sort of excesses would never happen. They comitted revolution against an armed and superior foe and died by the hundreds in order to give us the rights that we enjoy. Yet we just let this slime slide on past? Washington, Franklin, Jefferson in the rest would be spinning in their graves.

In fact I hope the founding fathers claw their way out of the earth as revenants ( ala: Brandon Lee in The Crow ) and start eating citizens left and right for allowing this to happen.
Brain eating is here.

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From overlapping IM conversations:

[15:15] marymactavish: http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=7043151
A proposal at Boston's Fenway Park could have Red Sox fans eating sushi during baseball games this season. Red Sox officials say the idea came about because fans want healthier fare at the ball park -- and because of the debut of Japanese pitching sensation Daisuke Matsuzaka. We imagine what it would be like if it becomes a reality.

[15:15] shanex: sushi and Fenway park.
[15:15] shanex: I wonder if I can just buy a house there.
[15:16] shanex: In the park.

[15:16] deyo: TEKKA! *splat!* UNAGI! *splat!* NATTO! *splat!* *splut!splut!splut!*

Context isn't sure if this is a good idea, or a slippery one.
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crackedplastic is smoking at their computer:

"i just dropped a goddamn lit cigarette on the face of my tablet, and there's not a single mark on it.

i swear these things are made of crushed diamonds and chuck norris's tears."

whereupon eggzbenedikt replied

"They can't be made of Chuck Norris's tears.

He's never wept in his life, or else cancer would've been cured."

knows there's no such thing as Global Warming. Chuck Norris jus turned the sun up.