January 25th, 2007


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sonofabish has a couple of odd experiences driving through the Southwest:

"Art Bell's good for some seriously paranoid hoots. He had a guest who wrote a book about the impending bird flu pandemic that's going to kill us all. Meanwhile, in the back seat, I had the cage with the doves and they were cooing away- evil little bastards."

"And the last 100 miles of drive was on a small highway through very desolate country in pitch darkness and it was jarring to be driving along with nothing for 20 miles in either direction and suddenly have the CB let loose with some interference. I kept looking for the Big Light and a voice to come through the radio "All your base are belong to us.""

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wyatt1048 gets meta-meta'd.

In response to a giggle fit about 'pee holes' in men's underwear,

"It's less that we're lazy, and more that we can do it. Really, it all boils down to 'Aha- PENIS!'

So many things about being a man end up at 'Aha- PENIS!'"

Context is made of truth and win.
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lulu_girl wins at games.

"I just now received an email from Kevin Bacon (about some sort of charity thing...I do believe everyone signed up for AOL AIM received one).

So does this mean the next time I play Six Degrees of Separation, I can just call out ME!

Kinda freaky to think about Kevin Bacon being connected to everyone on AIM...he really is everywhere, isn't he?"

Context is 1 order of bacon, no eggs.

Public post, but QWP anyway.
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Hearing two incorrect states given for Jeopardy answers in mock_the_stupid, cuzgarysaysso rejoins:

cuzgarysaysso: Where is "Mississippi," like duh?

cuzgarysaysso: Oops, I mean what is Mississippi. Just a habit of where, who, what, etc.

iluq: I remember watching an episode of Jeopardy! in which a woman said, "Is it [answer]?" and she got it right because it was just in the form of "a" question. Pretty cool. If I were ever on Jeopardy! I'd pull stuff like that every single question. "Could it be Mississippi?" "Is it possibly Mississippi?" etc.

Well, no I wouldn't, but that would be cool if someone did.

cuzgarysaysso: They could get wierder.

"Is it cold in here or is it just MISSISSIPPI?"
"Are you free tonight for some Mississippi?"
"What are your views on Mississippi?"
"If you start on a camel in Alaska, how long will it take you to reach Mississippi?"

What is "context," and how does it take its tea?
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TSA's *special* inspection

misia checks out the TSA regulations before sending her partner on a trip:
"Hm, it says no tools 'greater than seven inches in length.' Sure would like to see the panty check for that one. 'Oh my, you are a big boy, aren't you? Sorry, sir, we can't possibly allow you to take that onto an airplane. Yes, I'm afraid it's prohibited, you see. TSA regulation. Why don't you come back here with me for our, um, special detailed inspection?' "

"The TSA are size queens?"

"That's what they seem to be saying. Be careful tomorrow. Think about taxes or something."
Context will be staying at home
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