January 23rd, 2007


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This has angered me to such an extent, I have gone in a full circle and am now gloriously happy and want to make a daisy chain with little puppies around me to the tune of fucking Greensleeves. - alienfox.

Context dislikes being discriminated against.

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chrisdolley discovers Fluffy's Nigerian Scam:

Lagos Cat Pound,

Dear Friend,

I am Fluffy, the favourite kitten of the late president of Nigeria. As you know my late master was very very rich man and he left me all his tuna. But, as kitten, I not allowed to have fridge of my own.

My good friend, there are many many fishes and without more fridges tuna go bad. I eat as many as I can but I small kitten and much sick. So I write you, my very good friend, as your name well known in Nigeria as godly person with many fridges.

If you help store my tuna I give you 20% (TWENTY AMERICAN PER CENTS) of each fish - including heads.

Please be writing back soon. Weather hot and there are many bad cats looking with the eyes at my fishes.

Your good friend,

Context also has an adorable kitty to tempt you with. QWP.
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The title is "Pinned."

Inspired by dglenn's cat, Perrine:
A substance whose great weight
is not proportional to its small inertial mass:
the flesh of a sleeping cat,
especially when in a human's lap
or draped across a shin or ankle
like a breathing, furry shackle, saying,
"Do not leave this bed
until I am done with my own nap."
The entire thing; quoted with permission.
Top Model - Ms J

Wars of Happiness.

lonespiritwolf2 starts a happiness fight.

So I signed the letter, made copies and walked it down to HR.

There's an admin down there. He's gay...obviously so. Kinda cute. He has a habit of being happier than thou. So, today I went down there and I thought I would play with him a bit. I was happy anyway so I pushed my most bubbly personality to the max...you know, just to see how far he'd go. OMG, I cannot compete with him.

::Laugh:: I had to keep myself from laughing myself silly. It was ridiculous. Two gay men in HR trying to out happy each other...he won.

Found here. Public but still got permission anyway.
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ST: Pointless Shot of the Enterprise

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ursulav brought in her Birkenstocks for some fixing up: 

He shook his head, charged me a lot of money, and handed me a ticket. I left, feeling partly as if I had walked into a cathedral carrying a cruicifed hamster, but mostly just amused.

corvidophile responded with:


you realize you have just scandalized all the good church goin' folks with images of a sad sad hamster with a wee tiny crown of thorns and big pleading sad eyes stapled to a cross made of popsicle sticks, don't you??

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