January 22nd, 2007

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Info from 33mhz:

  1. Albert Einstein was not actually Walter Matthau, and every quote that has ever been attributed to him is apocryphal, especially if you heard it from the Tim Robbins/Meg Ryan vehicle "IQ".
  2. The same goes for Jesus, who was also not actually James Caviezel.
  3. If you've ever written ad copy for a fast food company that involves coining a nonsense word to describe some insignificant or supposedly novel aspect of their food, you deserve whatever may befall you in life.

QWP - context is here, but that's the entire entry.
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artfuldodger plays matchmaker to her money

Dear Bank Account and Money Therein,

Washington, don't you think Hamilton's hot stuff? Sure you do. Now give in to those repressed feelings and start makin' babies.

Jackson? Grant? You two make the most adorable and cute and perfect couple. I want to hear some birth announcements by the morning. And I want them all to be named Ben.

Kennedy! Sacagawea! The perfect union! I'm turning off the lights, and the same goes for you two - I want some progress by tomorrow!

QWP from a now unlocked post.
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bursar. this might be a bad idea.

Punch Heads.

xipias is enlightened by last night's Patriots game.

"[...] before last night, I thought a neutral zone infraction was when you ignored Star Fleet directives and got into a problem with the Romulans."

Context is offside at warp 8.
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"When I tell you that I will ask a waiter to come help you, do not look at me as though I have eaten your favorite puppy for brunch. Waiting another 3 minutes for your cranberry and vodka will not kill you. Why don't you use that time to look after your children that are running around the pool unsupervised? Sounds like a plan, no?" ~auntiewitch on her job as a lifeguard.
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Ah, children...

callmecaito breaks down her day as a student teacher.

12:00p.m. -- Fooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood. Also, recess. Sometimes I turn the jump rope for the kids; subsequently, my forearm swivels in a clockwise movement for the remainder of the day.

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bironic hosts a 'memoryfest' where friends share various childhood memories

bironic: Our family was watching French Kiss—typical fare, since my dad loved Meg Ryan and both of my parents liked romantic comedies—and when the scene came on where Meg Ryan's character, Kate, describes the unsatisfactory night she lost her virginity in her boyfriend's basement during Jeopardy, my dad turned to me and said, "If you ever do that, I'll kill you."

elynittria: Would it have been OK if it was any show other than Jeopardy? ;)

thewlisian_afer: Everyone knows anybody with REAL class loses their virginity during Wheel of Fortune.

bironic: GIMME AN O!

QWP. Context wishes it didn't have to buy that O.

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see_me_burn is having a bit of trouble with her leaking blue hair in dyed_hair...

I recently used Manic Panic's After Midnight Blue. Loved the results. I took a shower the next day using mostly cold water to wash my hair. I turned and it was as if I'd slaughtered smurfs in my bathtub. Not good. This continued the entire time I had my hair that colour. Is there anything I can use to keep this from reoccurring or am I doomed to wash my hair in the kitchen sink for as long as I desire blue hair?

QWP, Context is trying to find the Clorox scrub.