January 20th, 2007

dancing GIR

nire's just having a bad day. And still isn't king.

recap of today:

earliest: woke up, coughed

earlier: woke up, coughed, cursed

early: woke up, coughed, cursed, coughed

late: woke up, coughed, cursed, coughed coughed coughed, gagged, coughed, retched, sobbed, showered, sobbed, cursed


made list of reasons why still not king:
1. no dick
2. no noble blood
3. no kingdom
4. no psychotropic drugs

Context is still coughing. QWP.
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KH - OT3

Not the average childhood trauma

On fanficrants, innocentsmith has the following to say about Labyrinth fanfiction:

David Bowie Is Hot. If we're in this fandom at all, I think we're all agreed on this point. But as Jareth, he's also extremely snarky, and more than a little petty and amoral. So maybe he's got reason, and I fully support a good explanation of why, e.g., he takes babies and subjects them to spontaneous dance numbers.

There's a Q with the P!
weird thing

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An interesting run-in with the bank recently, chronicled in hilarious fashion by dimethirwen. Snippet:

CHEVY CHASE BANK, an engorged, horrific dragon of a corporation, possessed an unhealthy monopoly over the banks in the Kingdom of The DC Metro Area, where Schuylkill Manor rested. It had far reaching tentacles that had a stranglehold over places where our heroes frequented, such as The American University and The Mall of Ye Olde Lande of White Flinte. Despite their reluctance to involve themselves with such blatant corruption and poor customer service, it was the best they could do without a carriage that they could rely upon to take them to another place (there were public carriages, you see, but the public carriages only ran to certain hours and tended to run off schedule even when they were supposed to be running on schedule. But that monster, The Monster of Montgomery County Ride On Bus Services, is a battle for another day). So three of the manor-mates traveled the long way, down the Road of Schuylkill, through the Boiling Brook, and up Nicholson Mountain, until they reached the Ye Olde Lande of White Flinte Branch of CHEVY CHASE BANK.

Read the whole thing here.