January 19th, 2007

Give a dog a home

hork hork hork

Kitties are waging a jihad via horking on carpets. without_within explains:

At this time, I'm not willing to confirm that the conflict between the Khiities and the Puppis has turned into full scale civil war. The recent troop build up, or "surge", of children in the house to counteract the rising secretarian violence has brought the total number of ground troops in the house to 2, up from 1 pre-August 2006.

There are no plans at this time to increase the number of ground troops until 2010.

There has also been some talk about increased sanctions against our neighbors amid rumors that their poodle is aiding the Puppi insurgents.

QWP from my personal LJ of doom.
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richey_edwards needs to stop being richey edwards...

hahaha if i could stop being richey edwards for five seconds that would be great.
'okay, i want all of you to draw the eye of a baby and then write a poem to accompany it saying how perfect and beautiful it is and how life will fuck you once you're over age thirteen. unless you have a mother like mine, in which case you're fucked already. so, who needs markers?'

context is having an identity crisis. (flocked, qwp.)
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Even the news can be amusing these days...

Two bits from deflatermouse's news announcement of LJ's proposed search feature:

We wanted to let you know about it before it launches because our New Year's resolution was to have fewer surprises. Except for Ninja attacks, which must by their very nature remain a surprise.


However, despite these limitations, for the last couple of months we've been building a search engine. It uses one third of San Francisco's water supply to cool and it has a dedicated Nuclear Reactor just to provide the power to index the word "depressed". The phrase "my parents don't understand me" takes up so much physical disk space that we had to hire the hangers at Moffets Field.