January 18th, 2007

Henry VIII

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bladeliger on the relation of MySpace, family, & public nudity:

Now, my cousin is eighteen years old, and she's old enough to post her tits on the internet and deal with the consequences. In fact, I think all people everywhere should have fully nude pictures of themselves on their person at all times so that they can be whipped out on request. Hell, we should trade nude pictures with each other. You see someone hot, you go up to them and whip out your picture. Then they whip out their picture for the exchange. You try to get as many as you can. It'd be like an adult version of Pokémon. "Cockachu! I choose you!" "I counter with Boobazar!"

Context is wearing that scoop-necked shirt you like so much.
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ebtb relays a tech support ticket:

I believe this started after I went into Safe-Mode ant de-fagged my hard drive. How do I fix this error.

To which our crack team suggests:

omg_teh_funnay: Looks like sombody needs to uninstall and reinstall "Flaming Homo 2.0.2" and throw a little more fabulousness on that hard drive... gay up the registry a bit, maybe ^__^
hisamishness: Well, Step One in Un-De-Fagging is to go get some stylish track lighting. On the way home you can look in that fabulous store on the corner for seasonal window treatments....
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misslynn wrote "- I'd make her walk the plank
-- you'd shiver her timbers
-- I'd like to see her Kraken
-- I'd like to steal her booty
-- plunder, plunder her booty"
-- I'd like to play hide the rum with her
-- like to teach her the meaning of avast
-- I'd like to bury my treasure
-- make her your cabin wench
-- I'd let her be my land ho
-- "for you, it should be a dress or nothing. i happen to have nothing at all in my cabin."
-- I'd pillage her town
-- hoist her up the mast...
-- I'd haul her sheet in
-- I'd set sail for her horizon
-- I'd like to get into her Davy Jones Locker
-- I'd like to swash her buckle
-- I'd like to go puffy all over her shirt
-- I'd like to be buckin' her ears
-- I'd like to get into her briny deep
-- I'd love to land her lubbers
-- I'd love to roger her jolly
-- I'd broadside her
-- I'd blacken her beard
-- I'd let her Jack my Sparrow"

Context wants to play Pirates & Wenches.

Flocked, QWP.

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zahriah comments to a post over in bad_service:

What I read: "I went into the Supe Store today to find my boyfriend. It's the college's supply store."

What I pictured: "Comp 101 text, check; ramen noodles, check; school t-shirt, check...ooh, they've got a great deal on boyfriends, better get one of those..."