January 17th, 2007

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Over in fanficrants, animans_animus writes about BBM fic.

Enough drug running and prostitution, please.
Guys, what the hell is up with all this "Ennis and Jack run from the mob... and Jack's dark past is revealed!/Ennis and Jack are involved with a murder... and Jack's dark past is revealed!" stuff lately? Is someone sending all of you a prompt, waiting for all of these fics to pan out, and then sending another prompt?

I <3 AU!AU in this fandom, but seriously, it's kind of boring when every single one of you writes about the same thing. Really, the only thing we need now to complete this current trend is for someone to write "Ennis and Jack's car breaks down in front of an abandoned house, and they meet Scooby Doo and the gang as they try to solve the mystery of The Mummy's Homophobia! But did Old Man Jenkins really do it? BBM/SD crossover ExJ FxD VxSDxS."

Context is locked, but QWP
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Fending off Jehovah's Witnesses 101

lizzyrose89 fends off a bunch of visiting Jehovah's Witnesses: (QWP)

So, anyway, I started with "sorry, I'm not interested", and was closing the door when the bloke said "you're not interested in a Peaceful New World?" (that being the title of the leaflet).

"Uh, well, yes, obviously I am but I don't need religion to get there."

"But the only way we will find this new world is through religion!"

"No, it is possible to base your moral and ethical codes on something other than religion. And morals and that lead to peace, so... Personally I tend to go for the humanitarian sort of outlook. And the whole thing where if everybody did this, it would suck, therefore I shouldn't do it."

"In Russia they used that principle and they killed 2 million people over there."

"You're talking about communism, which is based on Marxism, and isn't the same thing. Although I think that in theory Marxism isn't such a bad idea. It just didn't work in practice because people are greedy."

"Marxism can't be based on a good set of principles if the result was the death of all those people."

"Religions have caused people to kill way more than 2 million other people, so are you saying that religions are bad? Because personally I think religion can be a good thing."


"It's just, you know, not for me."

"Well during the war Jehovah's Witnesses refused to fight and were put into prison for sticking by our principle and we were the only ones who did."

"What, so you're saying that you can assure me 100% that no Jehovah's Witness fought in 'the war' at all?"


"If that's true, then I think it's great and I'm all for it but I'm sorry - I'm just not interested."
Ms. Michonne

Daniel Radcliffe likes to roleplay...

In ONTD, bodysnatchers describes how Daniel Radcliffe likes to heat things up in the bedroom...

Ten years from now, I imagine DadRad in bed, with a woman. He's doing her from behind, but stops shortly after beginning. Leaning forward, he whispers in her ear, "You can call me 'Harry', if you want. I like it when people call me 'Harry'..."

Context is practicing its love spells
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1st & 2nd quotes:
posted by: maranwe89
involving also: nightmer

3rd: zombieroadtrip

4th:: phoenixalone1

"Hey! How come his hair is moving and his nose isn't?"

To which wereducky responds,

"Oh yes, maranwe89, it woud make so much more sense if his nose was blowing majestically in the wind."


Kiba stood atop the hill, his silky brown strands flowing with the wind, his nose gracefully flapping back and forth, making a slapping sound that echoed through the valley below.

"Tsume why is Kiba's nose blowing in the wind?"
"Hush Toboe,Kiba's weird habits are none of our concern..."

and context:
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Over in thequestionclub, heartofstoic asks, "If you fell in love with someone, but they were disabled (couldn't walk) would that change anything?"

kennapea responds:

i'm already in a wheelchair.
isn't there a rule about how many wheelchairs can reside in one home?
what if we both needed to go down the hall at the same time?
or worse yet, what if one of us was going down the hall and the other was coming up the hall?
someone would lose fingers!
besides, who would reach the stuff up in the cupboard??
and if one of us fell down, there would be nothing that could be done!
jesus, it just wouldn't be practical at all!

full post is here
Kilted Father and Son

Question: "How would you tell a 2 year old boy that he shouldn't wear princess dress up dresses?"

liminalspaces: And ruin his budding drag career? Never!

gnomestress: Tell him they don't match his shoes.

torricus: Pre-enlist him in the army now. That should fix him.

cleric_of_banjo: Just tell him no and don't give him one. Then wait about 20 years until he does it on his own anyway. Act surprised.

And ginasketch replies to an edit:
I just don't feel that a BOY, who has a PENIS, should be wearing dresses.

Eddie Izzard says different.

Context is in there somewhere.
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In which my brother bolddeciever receives some crazy spam action:

Best spam ever, recieved today:

Subject: Map Adaptive

Jima marie antoinette miss potter.
Is sage johnny diane mgm, company!
Subscribe contact all toys pets nature?
Eragon family law fast, food flags.
Pans labyrinth perfume, murderer prestige primeval pursuit happyness.
Cat, lacy friends sisters eat ham lord.
Market info newspapers education personals subscribe contact all.
Toys pets nature members squirrels figure into.
Met mike there menatasha baby sweet cute healthy playful.
Jima marie antoinette miss potter.

The robots are here, and they're sending me abstract poetry about current movie titles. Next thing we know they'll be wanting the vote.
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