January 16th, 2007

Kate scream!

Because she cares about this sort of thing

bachelorettia watches the Golden Globes (selected highlights):

8:18 - "Hi everyone, I'm Nancy O'Dell, and I ate my weight in carrots before arriving. JUST KIDDING! I tanned the shit out of my rawhide body. Carrots have calories."

8:26 - FIRST GLIMPSE OF SKELETOR (Clint Eastwood)!!!!!!!

9:32 - Salma Hayek: "This award belongs to MY CLEAVAGE." Cleavage: *kills everyone in its path*

9:35 - [On the phone with Jess] Me: "Look, it's the guy from Amadeus!" Jess: "Amistad." Me: "Oh, right."

Context enjoys mocking celebrities. Out of love. (Public, QWP via AIM not that it matters, sorry :).)
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In her most recent entry, nickelodeon brings us a fact:

It's times like this when you realize that the only thing right in the world is Davide. Oh Davide. Despite the world kicking you in the head, you still manage to rise above it and continue facing the world every day with a smile and a stupid joke. The world should be more like Davide. Tennis players don't marry because love means nothing to them. Pbft.

QWP. No context. Friendlocked WOES~
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moonjaguar writes a brief biography of T.E. Lawrence:

I heard that his singing voice was brought to the attention of Thomas Edison and he was the first child vocalist recorded in sound. Then he returned to music as an adult, recording "867-5309 (Jenny)" as Tommy Tu-Tone. His mother was soo upset!! She later thought it amusing that a radio station paid a little old lady in the Chicago suburb of Mount Forest River Lake View Gardens an undisclosed sum for said phone number and had Lawrence himself say "Hi, this is Tommy Tu-Tone, thanks for listening to WWTF! Whether your name is Jenny or not, I love you."

"Jenny" is a hotly debated topic among historians, scholars, and enthusiasts. Jenny is believed to actually be a Syrian boy named Frodo Yagami but not LOLshota because he was legal. Others feel Jenny was childhood friend Mariska Veres, daughter of Jayne Mansfield and singer for Dutch J-pop band SHOCK☆blue.banana! best known for their 1969 hit "Yay! (My Hed Is Pastede On)". Lawrence himself said "Jenny" was a composite but in a later interview said, "I liked a particular horse but not in that way."

Now he ded from motorcycle conspiracy theory Coke.

Context's mother was proud of his performance in the Christmas Play.
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