January 12th, 2007

Firefly - Wash - all gonna die

Further thoughts on fan fiction

ursulav has done it again, in a long thoughtful post about fanfiction.

I think it was Stephen King, in Eyes of the Dragon, who said that children's minds are like deep wells of clear water. And this is probably true on some levels, but oh, man, there are things down at the bottom of the well with lots of eyes and tentacles and squidgy slippery bits, and some of them have teeth as long as your arm.

... and ...

I have gazed into the abyss, and it held up a plate of cookies, but I don't live down there yet.

Context does not appear to have turned into a pillar of salt yet
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midori kobayashi

at least they're honest about it

QWP, flocked. team7 (Tin)and the US Embassy about participating in a book convention:

US Embassy: What's that? You want us to participate in your convention?
Tin: Yes, please. <--have sent numerous letters to that effect
US Embassy: Is that a black-tie party?
Tin: ... No. It's a literary gathering.
US Embassy: We don't do literary gatherings.
Tin: Well, you can also consider it as a cultural affair.
US Embassy: The US has no culture.