January 11th, 2007

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gakifang has an interesting start for the new school semester.

Dude, so I'm walking back to school and there's this underpass that frequently has graffiti on the pilings. This time it's a random bunch of letters and numbers with the word 'stunt' on top. Out of curiosity I wrote down the numbers and letters cause they looked like a chemical notation and I figured I'd google it for shits and giggles. Get to the internet and it turns out it's the chemical notation for ketamine. My overpass knows ketamine. Weird.

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Awesome me

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clayin and I are have a discussion about various Batman titles, when this occurs:

Also, could someone PLEASE get Batman some Prozac? And therapy? And maybe a straight jacket? Because I'm really, really bored with the "wahhh, my parents are dead!" bullshit.

Or maybe have Superman respond with "wahhh, my whole WORLD is dead. STFU, Bruce."

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You can see the curvature of the earth from there....

treeskin relates her observations after going to the store today:

I have decided that not only is it a bad idea to go grocery shopping when you're hungry, it's a bad idea to do so when the weather is changing, and I get the urge to "nest". I impulse bought tea, and some fancy 10-grain flour, because I have this fiendish urge to bake warm hearty breads to keep my people warm and comfy during the upcoming attack of winter.

Not that it's been terribly cold all day, it's just....the wind has had an edge of ice to it, even when it was 51F, a taste of cold that reminds you that you're in the plains, and there's nothing between you and the Arctic Circle but two barbed wire fences and a moose's behind.

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