January 9th, 2007

I need a towel

...I must agree.

runcible talks popular music:

"Music today is so incredibly deplorable, but I did see something inadvertently amusing: the new Fallout Boy album was advertised on the same page as a Tampax Pearl ad. Fits together; both are for pussies. :)"

Context, locked post, QWP. ;D
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really evil grin

So, what're liberals & conservatices?

from an essay on polyamory & its relationship (or lack thereof) to larger social issues here: http://tacit.livejournal.com/197061.html
I think the biggest difference between liberals and conservatives is that liberals think about the secondary and tertiary effects of their decisions with regard to welfare; a conservative thinks "My money is being taken away from me and given to bums, and I have less money and I don't like that," whereas the liberal thinks "My money is being taken away from me and given to people whose condition isn't as good as mine, and this process helps to better their condition, removing the impetus to commit crimes and giving them the opportunity to gain the tools they need to become better able to function in society; this benefits society through decreased crime and increased opportunity for the economy to expand as lower-income people gain new skills, become higher-income people, and become able to buy iPods and Razrs and other products that help stimulate the economy; therefore, I become better off." Though, of course, that could be my own particular biases talking. :)
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From mattieuperrin's days at the China Cafe in East Oakland

Him + 2 Drug dealers. and go!


Me: How are you doing?
2 drug dealers: Hey man, how much is that shit?
Me: Which shit are you talking about?
Dealers: The ribs.
Me: 6 buck an order.
Dealers: Hook me up.
Me: Your shit will be ready in 5 minutes.
Dealers: Good looking out.

From: http://community.livejournal.com/customers_suck/20280485.html (Edited as per rule 9, to the best of my understanding)