January 7th, 2007

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A bit of funny banter over in baaaaabyanimals

Over a photo of a baby bunny with a baby carrot...

pauldrye: "Ahh, zis is ze beginning of a beautiful relay-shon-ship!"

morigale: "Not gonna be a very long relationship. ;D You know the type; tomorrow he'll be romancing some innocent little radish."

annasleech: "The James Bond of bunnies."

And pauldrye:
"So, Orangefinger, do you expect me to talk?"
"No, Mr. Bun! I expect you to die!"

Context is over here.
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mother effin snake in the mother effin orchid!

randomdropsy's brother killed a snake -

Now the wicca part of me is having a fit right now. Going, "it was a harmless black snake! It fed of lizards and mice! Not a threat to anyone! It doesn't even have fangs!"

The rest of me is going "Ewwww snake! Kill it kill it!"

The conflict of interests in my brain is kinda driving me batty. Now I know how Christians feel. When religion gets in the way of actual thinking, it hurts the brain.

QWP from here
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Colour Dodge [A Wilhelm Scream]


From transcending, QWP.

Sorry. XDD I had to quote it all.

Entry Subject: Ha ha ha oh I am so alone.
Entry Tags: a plague on both your houses!, doors are for squares, well i'm pathetic, why do i fail so hard?

I just ran into my room.

Sadly, I realized too late that the door to my room was, indeed, closed.
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