January 5th, 2007

brian greene's orgasmic brain

morning_hell has found the cure for avatarsues.

It makes me want to bleed seven ways before vomiting and dying in a cold pool of refuse on the floor. It makes me want to take a power drill, swizzle it into acid and salt, set it aflame, attatch a shark with a lazer beam to it, and plunge it into my eyes until nothing remains but the polished bone around gored sockets. It makes me want to watch BEN AFLECK for God's sake.

Context is painful.

In an entry of mine about yaoi RP partners = cybersex or not...

richaarde had the following to say about it:

"I could never take cyber-sexing seriously. "He gently caressed his partner's anus. His partner briefly tensed up, then relaxed again as his fingers made their way into the pore. His partner gave off a soft moan. The plying fingers found the end of a never-ending handkerchief and pulled the end out of the anus. With a new-found glee, he pulled about fifty meters of handkerchief out of his partner's anus."

Context is here but friends only. QWP.