January 3rd, 2007

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Introducing the haggis to prey on the rabbits

thekumquat, in a response in mock_the_stupid, says:

Tsk. Everybody in England knows we introduced the kangaroo to Australia, after the rabbits became a problem. The kangaroos bouce around near the rabbit warrens and put the bunnies off sex.

They also tried introducing the haggis to prey on the rabbits, but its tartan fur and lop-sided gait meant the rabbits evaded it too easily. Some haggises which learnt to swim got as far as Tasmania, becoming feared as the "Tasmanian Devils".

Context is geographically Erisian, not to be confused with Frisian.
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deelieboppers sharpened

heptadecagram notes the lack of new Gay Divorcees

Damn Homos and Their Fidelitous Ways
Interesting article on gay divorce. 7300 couples have been married in Massachusetts since May 2004. At least (i.e., exact number unknown but likely higher) 35–45 have since filed for divorce, over a period of close to 4 years.[3 years]. That's a divorce rate of less than 1% in 4 years (about 0.68%). Vermont has had 91 of its 7828 civil unions dissolved since it started allowing them in 2000, or a rate of 1.2% over 6 years. Compare with the heterosexual rate of 20% in 5 years.

Dude, those homos are totally destroying the sacred institute of marriage. Now, who wants to marry a millionaire?

And that's all sie wrote
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When renaming goes wrong... horribly wrong...

cmpriest's former workplace decides to make a bold statement!

However, now it would seem that Mars Interactive has undergone a name change -- which brings it into line with its sister company, ARS Advertising. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you:

ARS E-Comm
If you want to find them online, that's: http://www.arsecomm.com/
With all internal email addresses directing to arsecomm.


(deep breath)
(climbs into ROTFLCOPTER)
(cackles off into the sunset)

Context has no double entendres at work.
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Happydog responds to Pat Robertson

Longtime Goddess worshipper and LiveJournal broadcaster Happydog said on Tuesday that Goddess told him that Pat Robertson was so full of shit, Robertson's eyes had turned brown, and that this full-of-shitness was happening currently early in 2007.
Context (and the rest of the prediction) is here.