don't make me use my librarian voice (siegeofangels) wrote in metaquotes,
don't make me use my librarian voice

I never told you I couldn't speak English. You *assumed.*

mikaboo in customers_suck, here:

There is a deaf interpreter where I work. Today at lunch we were all sitting around and she started telling a story about her and some people in her class. They went to a local Applebee's to eat. They had to act like they were deaf the whole time. Next to them was a lady and a set of wild kids. Up until this point the experience is going great... Then some man comes in and starts talking to the woman in the next booth.... He starts with something like...

"You kids better mind or I'm going to stick you at that table full of dummies! Do you want to be like those dummies over there?"

"Look at those dummies.. They're so stupid."

At this point the lady at my work is FUMING, but a classmate keeps her from speaking... Afterall.. they weren't supposed to hear it.

The lady at the other booth says things like "Get away from them.. They're dummies."

The man starts on his "Dummy" rant again.. This time using profanity.

So the interpreter stands up and walks over to him and proceeds to ream him out.

"Who are you calling dummy? You're a perfect example of how we DON'T want people acting towards our culture. You want to call me and my friends a dummy one more time... You can just step outside with me and *I'll* show you dummy!"

He went silent. The interpreters class left her in the heat of the rant... She walked outside and glared at the man as he left.

Cost of dinner at Applebee's: 10.23

Cost of tip: 15%

Giving an asshole a heart attack because he thought you were deaf: Priceless

blacksiouxsie: There are some things in life you can't buy. For everything else, there are deaf interpreters kicking ass at Applebee's.
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