December 30th, 2006

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Beware of British roads...

Especially when you consider that my journey back from Derby didn't go quite as planned; my carefully planned route went out the window after a few minutes of being behind the wheel. So the journey went something like this:

The A38, through Birmingham City Centre (because I don't want to try the M6 Toll), then onto the ASomethingOrOther, followed by the BYou'reLostMatey, then back onto the A38, then onto the M42, then off that and onto the M42YouShould'veRememberedToGoSouth and, finally, I ended up speeding my way down the M5 with careless abandon.
Context is trying to drive home
eddie! (by vayshedruvon)

britpoptarts contemplates giving a name to her future laptop . . .

Of course, he probably won't be named George if I get him. My current laptop is Jarvis, attached to my external harddrive Candida. I'd name it Liam but if personality of computers has anything to do with the people they are named after, naming it Liam (Gallagher) would be asking for a stroppy, cranky bastard of a computer. Damon (Albarn) would freeze up and stare blankly at me at odd intervals. Momus (Nick Currie) would secretly download pr0n. Kate (Bush) would make high-pitched noises at me, refuse to travel by air, and stop working for over a decade for no apparent reason. Simon (Le Bon) would pork up on garbage files and send IMs to hot 13-year-olds in fedoras.

Context is still shopping around.
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