December 28th, 2006

Glass Half Full

Now with less Hoff...

Let me tell you what a dumbass I can be.

So I'd lit one of those candles-in-a-shotglass things and left it alone for a while, so by the time I got around to blowing it out, there was a nice-sized paraffin puddle in there. But for some reason, that little flame was clinging to its wick like nobody's business. I huffed and puffed and huffed and puffed as hard as I could. Straight down.

In retrospect I could probably give you a list of reasons why I shouldn't have done that. If nothing else, to avoid finding myself thinking the phrase "O SWEET JEEBUS CANDLE BUKAKKE." And I'm still picking it off my jacket. Gah.

- raisedbymoogles lets her little light shine.
Baby Cthulu

Evocation, Man!

bighooves commented about behaviors of certain philistines.

Obviously you have completely missed the point of Mr. Shakespeare's message of true, eternal love rising above hatred and death. The sound of a 747 passing overhead is a sufficient amount of "whoosh" needed to exemplify how FAR over your heads this must have flown- you were probably earning frequent flyer miles in there somewhere.

Context is not high on weed and quote worthy.

Adventures in driving with eco49rvra


I ran over a ladder today. A LADDER! Not like a little ladder, and not at some slow speed, this was a freaking huge ladder taking up the entirety of the fast lane during rush hour. I hit LUMBER! a few weeks ago, and I hit CARCASS! all the time, but this was a new one.


Dear ladder owners,
If you have to drive your ladder around, how about you not leave it, accidentally or otherwise, on the goddamned highway? How about that? I don't think that's asking a lot.

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