December 26th, 2006

everybody!, Hello

Mine was a manicure kit when I've bitten my nails for 24 years. Yours?

Some people are just plain bad at doing the whole 'poignant gift that shows they listen to you and know about your interests'. It is a flaw in their DNA. Truly. Until we find a cure, please keep their condition in mind and make sure they get a receipt so you can return/exchange items. (I think everyone in my family is returning/exchanging at least one gift this year)

Or you know, maybe they've done this on purpose because they don't care about you, and want you to slit your wrists. They bought you the towels because they fear for the fate of your carpet.

-willywanka, here.

vaspider == Greta Garbo + Cthulhu (especially at work today)

Therefore, in order not to kill people and devour their souls, I have marked off a small section of today as my own. I call it "lunchtime," and while I eat, I plug my ears into my iPod and my eyes into my Sidekick. I talk to people I actually like on my Sidekick, and I listen to music which does not exhort me to go sledding on not-existent snow or speak of holly or discuss who Mommy may or may not have been kissing under the mistletoe last night.

F-Locked; QWP'd; context is not feeling all that sociable.

foofy_attorney for president!

I realize that this is like the 15th post in as many days on Colin Firth and why I want to sleep with him. I was thinking I don't friends lock these particular posts, and it may come back to bite me in the ass if I ever ran for office. I then decided I do not want to represent an electorate that does not think Colin Firth is eminently doable. This is America. The land of the free. Free to talk about nailing Colin Firth.

context can't forget his first Darcy.

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Meyers-Briggs + Cats = Perfection

bellisaurius muses on cat-egories:

ESTP "The Tomcat": Comes back after three days with scabs on his nose and ears. Fathered too many kittens to count. Will enjoy you while he's there, but not loyal. With other cats, doesn't know when to stop "playing".

ISFP "The Snuggler": Inside lap kitty. Has a favorite lap, a favorite windowsill, but spreads her favors around nonetheless. Warm and loving, but don't try to make her do anything. Purrs a lot.

ISTJ "Mr. Fastidious": Won't eat unless the kitchen floor is newly waxed. Will glare at you until you clean his litterbox. Likes to scratch--and it's the same place over and over, so you'd better get a scratching post right away if you want to keep your furniture.

INTP "The Flake": Will play with toys, but bored quickly. If you give in, you'll quickly have a closet full of cat toys he won't touch any more. He'll sit, apparently doing nothing, and then be off on a tear. When walking across a room, will suddenly sit down and start grooming himself.

Context is a public post & includes full MB spectrum.

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While watching Roger Moore hamming it up a few days ago, panteraonca had a revelation about the True Nature of 007:

Last night, watching Live and Let Die, I had one of those moments of Profound...well, it was either Stupidity or Brilliance, I'm not sure which, but it was most certainly Silly.

The James Bond franchise. Multiple actors, very campy, a character who perpetually appears as under the age of forty and somehow survives years and years of risking his neck in a job that regularly degenerates into an orgy of gratuitous violence. Ridiculous, from a continuity point of view...

...unless dear James is Gallifreyan.
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(Context is busy writing Bond/Torchwood slash. Quoted in full, with permission, from f'locked post.)