December 25th, 2006

james_nicoll posts the harsh truth

If you've ever asked "why do women prefer jerks," what you are really asking is "Why do girls prefer jerks to _me_?" The answer is almost certainly "You lack any notable positive qualities (Merely lacking some negative ones does not count) and the odds are quite good that they prefer half-eaten honey-dew melons to you as well."

Context is friends-locked.
Posted with permission.
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On finding Jesus....

It's really important to pay attention in church...

or you might accidentally go up to receive what you *think* is a special prayer...only to realize it was ACTUALLY a chance to be "born again in Christ".

YUP. That's what reading the story of Esther to stay awake got me. :-( I just went up 'cause Deme did and my MIL was pressuring me. Or as Deme put it "You got born again the way people get married in Vegas!" SO...Now my in-laws are THRILLED that I accepted Jesus.


I have NO idea how to get out of *this* one!

That's the whole thing, taken from my beloved (and, apparently, born-again) sister gingembre!
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wint3rhart sums up what she thinks HP7 will be. mmm, meta-meta!

Nevertheless, I'm personally of the opinion that in order to prove that she is a serious author who has merit and is not to be trifled with, she will invent some new menace which will abruptly depopulate Hogwarts and the surrounding counties, Harry will die gruesomely in Snape's arms and then poignantly drift towards the light and a welcoming Dumbledore, Snape will then bite it trying to save Draco or somebody, Ginny will quietly mourn just like she quietly does everything, and the camera will fade out on Ron and Hermione necking in a tree somewhere.

And McGonagall will melodramatically get stuck in cat form forever and ever and will become Ron and Hermione's pet.

QWP, Context dances over Dumbledore's grave.
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My roommate got a Zen Microphoto for Christmas. Hilarity ensues.


Before you set a lovely picture of Hugh Laurie as the background on your mp3 player (yes, I'm a fangirl, but it's better than the pictures of trees and shit that come with the player), please, please, PLEASE consider what you will be playing.

You may, perhaps, choose to play a certain tune from SNL, as sweetly sung by Justin Timberlake.

And you may just happen to look down, and find Hugh Laurie staring back at you like he knows what you're getting for Kwanzaa. In fact, it may just be written on his face.

And you may wake the entire household laughing.

Merry Christmas, bitches.

Who is not going to fall for it a second time.

Hannukah? Dick in a box. Kwanzaa? Dick in a box. Context? Dick in a box. (entire post QWP)