December 24th, 2006

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ironychan has not had a good day.

It was the sort of day when you find yourself thinking: "You know who had an awesome job? Gladiators. Russel Crowe goes to work and he is not only allowed but actually encouraged to kill everybody he meets there!"

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active_apathy says it best (

[Post Title]
From the first minutes of [festive occasion of choice], [time difference] hours ahead of many of you, I'd like to [expression of want for following to occur] you a(n) [intensifier of choice] [adjective indicating happiness and/or merriment] [festive occasion of choice]. May [relevant people] [auxiliary verb of choice] [desired behaviour], and may this [festive occasion of choice] bring to [you and/or yours] [desired result].

So, yes. Have a(n) [intensifier of choice] [adjective indicating happiness and/or merriment] [festive occasion of choice]. And - to borrow from a(n) [adjective indicating age and/or widespread familiarity] tale - [entity] [expression for investment of likelihood of goodness] us, everyone.

(Read text enclused [thus] as spaces to fill in whatever works for you. My suggestions, in order, are: xmas, (your GMT offset + 11 hrs), wish, expansively, merry, xmas, people, be, nice to other people, xmas, you and yours, hapiness and merriment, incredibly, happy, xmas, classic, I'm completely not picking an entity, make stuff good for (hey, look, I didn't quite think that bit through). So, um, yes. Merriment. Happiness. For all of you. Got it?)

And holiday greetings from the staff here at MQ. May this coming year be filled with hope, joy, love, and Bowiepants.
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mullenkamp is too darn good-looking, apparently:

I finally found a solution to a recurring problem at work. It's a fairly frequent occurrance [sic] that I will ask a customer "Anything else for you?" and he'll reply "Yeah, your phone number! :D" This doesn't really bug me - it's kind of exasperating, but it's usually older guys, and clearly not intended as insulting, just their way of saying "Hey, you're cute!" - but I never know how to respond. When they don't mean any offense, I don't want to come off as if I've been offended, since I'm not, but I'm certainly not going to give them my phone number either. But tonight, I hit on the perfect response.

I punch the digits of my phone number into the register as if manually entering a UPC. Since it's not a valid UPC, it will beep and say "ITEM NOT ON FILE". So I turn to the guy, looking slightly puzzled, and tell him we don't seem to be selling that.

Context, however, is $4.98 plus tax.

birkwelch toys with nudism

Since I plan on avoiding going outside for the next couple of days(between crazed last-minute shoppers and heavy inversion, I'd be takingmy life into my own hands by doing so), I can finally get caught up onsome music stuff and reading. And laundry. There always seems to belaundry. I could save a bunch of time and money by becoming a nudist.I'd have frostbite within three seconds of stepping out the door,people would constantly be pointing and laughing, and I'd be arrestedfor indecent exposure, but I wouldn't have to do laundry ever again. Italmost seems like a fair trade.

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