December 23rd, 2006


Movie Multiculturalism Explained

Bollywood movies leave you tapping your toes; Hollywood movies leave to feeling happy and satisfied; Japanese movies leave you wondering where the ending is; Chinese movies leave you wanting to stagger off in a daze looking for a gun to shoot yourself in the head or a cookie and a blanket so you can curl up in a little ball and whimper.

...I want cookies and a blanket now. Oh, man.
-homasse has just seen The Curse of the Golden Flower

Context just wants a non-crappy Westernized remake of a J-Horror film.
johnny depp - laugh


On the topic of assholes with nipple rings, my friend _likeachemical_ had this to say:

Trust me, I speak from personal experience with assholes with nipple rings. It's like you get 'em on, and you're a mofo.

From a thread in my journal, quoted with permission.
The entry is here but friends-locked.
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Deathly what now?

My friend psychicsaphie had this to say about the title of the 7th Harry Potter book.

Anyway, I'm sure there were be hallows of the deathly variety in the story somewhere so that the title will make perfect sense, and I bet they will be very deathly hallows indeed, but if I were her, it's not what I would choose in a title, no matter how deathly my hallows were.

The context knows 'hallow' is a noun now, that would be my bad. Sorry.


EDIT 2: See above.