December 21st, 2006

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writerz_bloc deals with brilliant customers in a camera store

Customer: "Um, Hi. Do you have digital... picture showers?"
Me: *Bright happy selling voice* "Sure do! They're called Digital Frames, and they're a brand new thing on the market- very popular! I'm down to this last style, but it's a nice one- ten inches and plays your pictures as well as movies from your camera and mp3s so you can create your own slideshows!"
Customer: "And they... just scroll through pictures?"
Me: "Yup! You can set how long they wait in between each picture, and what kind of transitions they use- it comes with this remote." *Happy remote pointing here*
Customer: "What about stopping it, so it only shows one image?"
Me: "Oh, it won't do that for more than ten seconds- otherwise you can get something called 'burnout', which is bad."
Customer: *confused* "But what if you want to keep it on just one picture?"
Me: *blinks*
*points to the wall of frames behind the customer's head.* "We're years ahead in that department."

~QWP from an unlocked post

Your new tattoo and you, by nanashi_jones.

Tattoo post-care rule numbah 645 (say this aloud in a Briton similar to Terry Jones):

"When your new tattoo itches, refrain from scratching it as this can damage your freshly mauled skin. Instead, slap the tattoo as this can alleviate itching sensations without disturbing the healing pile of epidermis."

It also imparts new dimensions of sensation to your brain. Especially when your slapping skills were honed at kink parties and bondage clubs.

I have seen through time, and all I had to do was slap my hip.

QWP from f-locked post.
Nothing Wrong With Cackling In Moderatio

On the possibility of CSI: Atlantis:

"This man was killed by sirens."
"How can you tell?"
"Look. In the slash wound, there and there -- there aren't any scales, but there's a viscous mucus."
"It could have been an amphibinoid."
"Except that he clearly didn't struggle. No, this man was enspelled and then ripped to pieces."
"Siren work."
"I'll tell the squad."

-[info]cadhla, here.
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melrichards007, in a flocked post, comments on a piece of writing.

I kinda like how the excerpt from the first chapter (near the start, I assume?) has all kind of neat junk like commas, quotation marks, exclamation points, all of that.

But they slowly begin to fade...first, the commas go, then the quotes, then the exclamation points and even the question marks...until we are left with nothing but a very rare period that is not even allowed a space after it. It could be considered artistic--almost monastic!--as the author slowly divests herself of all punctuation as a metaphor for the seductive trappings of the material world.

I doubt it, though, because she's obviously a gibbering moron.

QWP, context is waxing metaphorical.
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They're totally Barbie & Ken dolls!

In response to a friending meme where someone mentions yaoi's impossibility, grayout later refutes:

Been doing some thinking--and if yaoi can't exist, neither can het. See reasoning below:

Balthier & Ashe: *randomly about to have sex for some reason, assume previous plot*
Balthier: *choke* Wait, wait, stop, we can't do this.
Ashe: Huh? What? Why?
Balthier: Well, er... it's. *scratches head*
Ashe: What is it?
Balthier: *leans in, whisper whisper*
Ashe: *blinks* ... when did the Fandom Gods add that to The Rules (tm)?
Balthier: *awkward* Ever since they banned yaoi.
Ashe: But... but so you're saying just because we've never SEEN it and there's no DIRECT EVIDENCE for it you technically don't have a PENIS?
Balthier: adhgkajdfhgkjd don't say it out LOUD!
Ashe: Well, then what else could you be carrying down there?
Balthier: ...handkerchiefs or something?
Ashe: *rolls eyes* I don't believe this. *stomps off*
Balthier: Hey! Wait--!
Balthier: .......................
Balthier: *almost apologetically* Technically, you don't even know if you have a hole...
Fran: *smacks*

Context is flocked, QWP, and wondering if the Nobodies in Kingdom Hearts even have skin.
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Plausible deniability.

The other news story that's caught my attention today regards Holocaust-denying pseudo-historian David Irving. He was sent to prison in Austria on charges of 'trivialising the Holocaust', but his sentence has been reduced on appeal and he's now been released. Obviously as a liberal I find myself torn between condemning the man and thinking it's a potentially dangerous thing to imprison a man for writing lies, however horrible, but I've finally realised how I can reconcile these contradictory impulses. I'm just going to deny that Irving ever went to prison. I mean, he's not in a prison now, is he? So how can we really prove that he ever was?

-- wheeler, here.