December 20th, 2006

SGA - Sheppard dubious

rageprufrock on the persistence of hoyay in Stargate: Atlantis

I have a new theory about SGA. This theory goes as follows. Any episode that has any overt attempt at establishing the heterosexuality of any given character will somehow -- either by design or simple laws of physics -- overcome any headway made by that attempt with a suffocating mountain of gay. And queer. And also homo-ness.

Context has spoilers for episode 3.15, “The Game”

dobrovolets on the true meaning of Chanukah

The Greeks had brought with them several important cultural contributions, such as geometry, philosophy, hygiene, competitive sports and tasty recipes for the preparation of taboo animals like the pig. Many Judeans, who came to be known as the "Hellenizers", appreciated these things and sought to adapt them into their lives. Even a section of the priestly caste, in the interests of getting along well with the Seleucid rulers, took part in some aspects of Hellenization. (Legend has it that some Hellenizers went to silly extremes, like sewing on fake foreskins so they would not be mocked when stripping down in the gymnasium, but the absurdity of one extreme need not make us turn to the opposite.) Others, however, were wholly unimpressed, and saw in baths, souvlaki and naked man wrestling existential threats to their way of life.

Context insists on historical accuracy. The entire thing is awesome.
evil duck


Dear Minions:

Please do not have your heart to hearts over your cell phone where I can hear them, because you're both hot and talking about 'bonds of trust' makes me think of matching fuzzy handcuffs and how cute they'd look on you.

Cease and desist,

Me & The Libido

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context  wishes they would get a room. - friendslocked

ilianadancer reflects on the season

Lets send out good energies to those people and stop fuckng worring about what we do and do not have and be greatful for what we do have.

Because we lose things and gains things based on the decisions we make in our lives and every decision we make had a concequence. So stop being fucking high school and fuckng grow up for once.

Flocked, QWP, context is trying to explain a "year of loss".
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slyfoot tells us what's really going on...

Orthodox: We have the truth.
Catholic: We have the truth.
Protestant: We have the truth.
Mormon: Nuh uh, we do.
Protestant: Oh please, you do not.
Mormon: Yes we do!
Orthodox: As if!
Catholic: Give me a break.
Jew: Oy vey.
Muslim: Surrender.
Jehovah's Witness: Would you like a copy of Watchtower?
Everybody else: NO!
Orthodox (To Catholic): Wanna be friends?
Catholic: Maybe... let's talk.
Fundie: Oh noes! A One World Church led by Antichrist!
Orthodox and Catholic: Shut up, n00b.

Context is raising bunnies.
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edda has a solution for writers' block

...And Now A Word From Our Sponsors

Has writer's block become a way of life for you? Do you sit and sit and yet nothing happens? Does clean white paper stay that way around you? Friends, it may not be you, but your muse.

Has she been sending you fragments but not sentences? Nuggets but not stories? Too much action but no plot? You, folks, may have...
a constipated muse.

That's why we here at Lingua Labs have formulated our latest product, guaranteed to get that inspiration flowing again: LAXAMUSE.

Yes, one LAXAMUSE tablet a day is guaranteed to make those hours at the writing desk a pleasure and not a chore. With LAXAMUSE, you never have to worry about being short on ideas. And, unlike our competitor, "ABSYNTH", LAXAMUSE is made of all-natural ingredients! So get your LAXAMUSE and get back in the writing game today!

FDA approved. Void where prohibited by law. Exceeding daily recommended dosage may result in War and Peace or Ulysses. Half-dosage recommended for poets. Combining with Dramamine may result in e.e. cummings. Please use responsibly.

Context is QWP and trying to have more fibre in it's diet.
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