December 19th, 2006

That was my second record!

"Open Letter To A Dying Publication"

duckalmighty is probably one of my favorite LJers ever. And this is why.

Dear Editors of Time Magazine:

Give it up.


So you say that I'm the Person of the Year. Well, me and perhaps 3 billion other people, since what you really mean by the "You" on the cover of your year-end issue is "Anyone Who Has Been Using The Internet Lately". Gee, I'll bet all those Bedouins, Siberian exiles, and Sub-Saharan Africans must be saying to themselves right now, "Damnit! We Lost Again!"

Speaking only for myself, I don't feel it is all that flattering to be lumped in with teenyboppers lip-synching to "Sexyback" on YouTube, moonbats on DemocraticUnderground hammering out "Bu$Hitler is teh suXX0rS" in comment fields, and pedophilic MySpace lurkers, no matter how good it may look on a resume.

The whole post is here in all it's fantastical snarky glory, QWP. :)
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Happy Holidays

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maggiesox wrote:

PS: I have a Christmas tree, finally. It is a gloriously dorky tree, replete with Darth Vader ornaments, Pats ornaments, Eagles ornaments, Spiderman ornaments, Schoolhouse Rock ornaments, and more Red Sox ornaments than one human being should reasonably own. Collapse )

Because the Doctor Who snark is funny...

bohemia_thinker injects some sanity into new/old DWho fandom wars by saying:
Not to say New Who is bad, nothing like it. Compared to most stuff it's brilliant. However, it does has some major flaws and to critise anyone for pointing that out is a bit rich. Just because the "people" seem to love it. The people love Coldplay and voting for Hitler. They can't be trusted.

Context is superior at dying.
han home early

thorne_scratch muses on private jokes and what the next LJ meme should be...

We caught up on each other’s lives until about one in the morning. That included various conversational jewels like Louise describing her new coat-- "It's like being on the inside of a rabbit. A rabbit that's inside-out." There were also serious queries on my part along the lines of, "Well, is he ordinarily the sort of person who would deliberately piss on a cat?"

I like those bits of a friendship, all the stupidly hilarious comments that make no sense out of context, and generally make you sound even stupider when you try to explain them. I think that should be a meme of its own kind—list your top ten out of context jokes and see who manages to get them. You know, everyone has at least one incredibly tasteless thing they’ve laughed uncontrollably at. Usually it’s something really hard to explain out of context, too.

I’m not going anywhere with this, really. I’m just saying that hearing the words, "Sorry you’re dying. Have some pudding," will reliably make me crack up no matter what I’m doing. If they’re said in a South Park Cartman-esque voice, I can’t even function for the laughter.

From a public post, QWP.
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