December 17th, 2006


dueserpenti does dialogue

STEVE: So, Person of the Year. Any thoughts?

MIKE: Already? We just did one of those, like...

STEVE: Last year. We did one last year. Come on, who has an idea?

JUNE: Yassir Arafat!

STEVE: He died two years ago. Can you people even pretend you work at a news magazine?

A long stretch of silence ensues.

MIKE: Wait. What if everyone was Person of the Year?

STEVE: I think someone needs to confront the fact that he has a drinking problem.

MIKE: Hear me out, dude. People got blogs and shit. I saw these guys put some Mentos in a bottle of Pepsi and it was like, FWHOOOOOSH! That's a lot better than some dictator or whatever.

JUNE: I like it. Most people have never been on the cover of Time before. It would make them feel good.

STEVE: You know what, fine. I guess no one did anything important this year. Everyone's a winner. Christ.

Context is Time's Person of the Year, too.
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ofthefield is feeling somewhat underappreciated by her Caucasian male:

Every night I think, tonight I will smother him in his sleep for being male and white.

Then, every night, I stop myself, and think: nah, actually, I'll leave him alive so I can torture him with affection and material support. Oh yeah, and I'll get play.

Context objects to being called racist. QWP. :)
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