December 16th, 2006


Because The True Meaning of Christmas has been done to death

Hope this is okay. It's from a couple of years ago, but the journal is still active.

"And what is the true meaning of Santa?"

He smiled. "Santa is the belief that, even in the darkest hours — whether that be winter's depths, or poverty, or invading Romans — even then, there is benevolence. That there is a person, a saint, a god, out there somewhere, that is kind and giving and good. And that this goodness comes to you, when you are good to each other."
-woodwardiocom sees you when you're sleeping.

Context would rather Odin not be the one to come down the chimney.

aazzaadeh is amazed at the perspicacity of online assessment results.

So. I too this online health assessment thinger that they'd like me to take for work. The results were something like: Dear [Name], you are fat and depressed. If you would lose some damn weight and be happy, you wouldn't be fat OR depressed. Ok? Great. Oh. Yeah, and eat more expensive food. Good job wearing your seatbelt and not smoking though.
Gee. That's all I need to do? Gosh, I never thought that losing weight would make me less fat. And that I could be not depressed by simply being happy. It's so easy! Thank you, internet health survey!

By aazzaadeh in this post. The only change was to edit the name out for politeness, though it's posted with permission.
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